TVR Electric Sedan & SUV To Follow Sports Car’s Debut In 2024

TVR Electric Sedan & SUV To Follow Sports Car's Debut In 2024
TVR Electric Sedan & SUV To Follow Sports Car's Debut In 2024

TVR’s return is a long and difficult journey. Since Les Edgar’s purchase in 2013, it has intermittently made a reappearance. In 2017, the company unveiled a V8-powered prototype made feasible by its collaboration with Gordon Murray and Cosworth. It has been revealed that the sports car will at long last go into production, along with an electric variant.

Even if the British brand has a reputation for producing specialist sports vehicles (i.e., coupe and convertible), things will change with its formal comeback in 2024. The V8- and electric-powered sports vehicles will be followed by an electric sedan and SUV.

This is according to an exclusive report by the UK’s Autocar, which noted that there isn’t a specific timeline for both vehicles at this time.

“However, Daniel [Layton] is crucial in that we now have the proper investment and the correct path to creating a sustainable future with a family of electric vehicles. We are prepared to begin work at the manufacturing facility and prepare for a debut in 2024 “Edgar spoke with Autocar.

The Ensorcia Group’s group chairman is Daniel Layton. An important agreement was concluded between TVR and the South American lithium mining business Ensorcia Metals in mid-November 2021. The TVR EV sports car was born as a result, and its confirmation came in April 2022.

The Murray-designed platform also supports the TVR Griffith V8 sports car, which will make its public debut before the EV. A six-speed manual transmission connected the Griffith prototype’s 5.0-liter Coyote engine’s 493 horsepower to the rear wheels. According to Autocar, the EV version will also utilise the same platform.

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However, it is said that TVR is in discussions for a skateboard platform for its future models with a “well established, world-leading” partner. If approved, this might serve as the foundation for the future car and SUV.

What is certain at this time is that TVR will continue to develop premium vehicles around the car in addition to the Griffith’s V8 and EV versions.


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