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Two Women Thrash Each Other In A Fight At Nashik Toll Plaza

We have previously come across videos of a number of incidents of road rage. One such video of a fight at a toll booth in Nashik, Maharashtra, in which a woman is seen thrashing another woman has since gone viral online. The incident specifically occurred at the Pimpalgaon Toll Plaza on the Mumbai-Nashik highway earlier this week. In this video, a woman is seen slapping a female toll booth employee.

Numerous users have tweeted the video, and it has also been widely shared on other social media sites. The incident reportedly took place this week’s Wednesday. The commuter woman in the saree arrived at the toll booth in her car with her CRPF Jawan husband. The toll booth employee is the other woman who is clad in a blue shirt over a sari. Only women work as toll collectors at the Pimpalgaon toll booth. The woman approached the toll plaza in her car with her husband, according to the report, and requested a toll exemption.

It appears that the female toll booth employee would not allow the car to leave without paying the toll. The two women got into a heated argument about the toll, and the argument quickly turned physical. As seen in the video, the two women are seen slapping and pulling each other’s hair. They both appear to be mistreating one another. People who were driving by the road stopped, and other toll booth employees gathered around them to try to stop the two women from fighting. Even some bystanders recorded the entire altercation on camera and shared it online.

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One of the female employees can be seen removing the woman from the commuter to put an end to the altercation. Within 30 minutes, the video of the brawl between the two women went viral online. Locals claim that incidents like these happen frequently at the Pimpalgaon toll booth. A staff member recently got into a fight with the driver of the Superintendent of Police’s car when it was stopped at the toll. Recently, police discovered the video and opened an investigation. This is not the first time that we have heard reports of a brawl at an Indian toll booth.

Numerous leaders and politicians have been seen fighting with toll booth employees. Most of the time, those in authority—politicians or otherwise—refuse to pay toll fees. Even reports of these incidents leading to fist fights and even shootouts have been made. Recently, a boom barrier at an Agra toll plaza was broken by 13 tractors that likely belong to the Uttar Pradesh sand mafia. We frequently see toll booths on our highways. These plazas cause a lot of traffic congestion and occasionally lengthen travel times. Even with the introduction of fastags, nothing much has changed. The government is currently considering a new toll collection method that is an improved version of the current fastag.

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