The Most Unique Types Of Car Doors


We’ve all seen standard vehicle doors, but here are some of the most unusual doors seen in automotive markets throughout the world.

  • The Toyota Sera inspired the McLaren F1 doors
  • Scissor doors were made to make it easier to enter and exit.
  • Koenigsegg invented their own style of doors.

1. Scissor Doors

Let’s start with one of the most well-known door designs. Since the Countach was originally sighted with scissor doors, they’ve been predominantly seen on supercars, particularly Lamborghinis. These doors were designed to allow a person to exit their car without taking up too much room in order to open.

2. Suicide Doors

These doors are most commonly seen on ultra-luxury automobiles like a Rolls Royce, but they may also be seen in more cheap cars like the Mazda RX8. Suicide doors are generally a series of four doors that open like a gate, with the inners facing each other.

3. Swan Doors

These are similar to ordinary automobile doors in that they open in the same way as regular doors, but at a small upward inclination. High-end performance automobiles, such as numerous Aston Martins, are known to have these sorts of doors. The concept behind this door is to deal with high street curbs that the car’s door could impact owing to its low ground clearance.

4. Gullwing Doors

Gullwing doors are recognised for the silhouette they generate when left open, which resembles a bird with its wings spread. The gullwing doors were chosen because they made getting in and out of the car easier for the driver. These doors also made it easy for the driver to sight behind them, access the back seats, and load any type of luggage into the car.

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5. Butterfly Doors

These doors are linked to a hinge on the car’s A-pillar. These appear like a cross between scissor and gullwing doors because they open upwards, but unlike scissor doors, they open wider. These doors became famous thanks to cars like the McLaren F1, but it was the Toyota Sera that prompted McLaren to create them.

6. Sliding Drop-Down Doors

These doors are most renowned on the BMW Z1. The doors operated entirely on their own. A simple push of a button would trigger a mechanism that pushed the doors into the car’s lower sill. These doors were dubbed the “disappearing doors” because they could be fully hidden in the car’s floor bed. The mechanism was built on a pulley system with a rubber belt to help slide the door open.

7. Canopy Doors

These automobile doors opened from the top, much like a fighter jet’s canopy. These doors often entailed the entire windshield and rood opening in one piece. The hatch opens completely from the top, eliminating the need for A-pillars in a car. There are a few drawbacks to them, such as the fact that if the automobile rolls over in an accident, exiting the vehicle is nearly difficult.

8. Raptor Doors

These doors, also known as Koenigsegg’s “Dihedral synchro-helix” doors, are another way to easily open large supercar doors. These doors, which Koenigsegg created, are built as scissor doors, which open up excessively high and can be difficult to close from a seated posture. The doors are supported by a sweeping hinge system that pulls the door open and outwards before sliding it at a 90-degree angle to face upwards without changing its height. Until now, these features had only been found in Koenigsegg vehicles.

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