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5 Ugliest Celebrity Cars – Bad Luxury Rap

Crazy colors, wild wraps, a bit too much of a “personal touch” – these cars prove that being creative isn’t always a good idea, even when you’re rich and famous.

When it comes to cars, not everyone needs to appreciate classic appearances, but some celebrities go a little too far with modification. All of the vehicles listed below are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet we doubt anyone would want to drive them.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Fluffy Lamborghini Urus

People are used to seeing entertainment divas turn tough cars into sissy caricatures, but the rich reality queen went one step further: the Lamborghini she debuted on social media in June 2021 was not only white, but also…fluffy. Under the fuzzy fabric that covered practically every inch of the Urus, including the inside, it was almost unrecognisable.

We’re sure most Lamborghini Urus enthusiasts would never describe their car as “the cutest thing ever,” but that’s exactly what Kim and Skims (a fashion business) did to promote their collaboration. It does, however, appear to be warm and inviting. Because that gigantic teddy bear on wheels was not meant to be driven, it will never leave the driveway. Imagine seeing something fly at 190 miles per hour (306 kph).

Whether ridiculous or not, “Kimmy’s Lamb-Bo” is unsurprising for someone who is not just a fashion icon but also the proud owner of an otherwise remarkable fleet of just-right luxury automobiles.

2. Jeffree Star’s All-Pink Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Paris Hilton’s pink automobiles pale in comparison to this special Black Badge Cullinan, which is pink on the interior and out. Jeffree Star, who could write the book on how to go from doing YouTube make-up tutorials to starting a profitable company, went all out with this model from his favourite brand (he owns several Rolls Royce vehicles).

Star bragged about the fluffy wool rugs and all-leather interior of this horribly pink Cullinan earlier this year, adding that “he pushed the limits of what was capable.” That is a bespoke “Star Pink” colour, in case you were wondering. We think there’s a little too much of it. Star, on the other hand, isn’t known for his restraint. Despite having an impressive automotive collection, he considers this pink Rolls-Royce “one of the best projects” he’s ever worked on.

3. Chris Brown’s Glowing Lamborghini Huracan

Chris Brown’s Glowing Lamborghini Huracan
Chris Brown’s Glowing Lamborghini Huracan

Chris Brown will not let us forget about this specific Huracan, which is already two years old. Earlier this year, his supporters on social media were treated to another look of the renowned Lamborghini, this time with a glow-in-the-dark wrap, with the remark “I ain’t had no teacher for this… Some things you have to figure out on your own.”

Even for the R&B singer, who is known for his wacky automobile collection, this color-changing Huracan appears to be too much. This Lamborghini Huracan proved unconvincing despite its innovative wrap, which blended a chrome appearance with a lighting, color-changing effect. Not to mention the fact that it was probably too flashy (literally) to be driven around late at night – which is exactly the purpose. So you’re just going to keep it as a disco ball on wheels?

4. Paris Hilton’s Holographic BMW i8 Roadster

Paris Hilton’s Holographic BMW i8 Roadster
Paris Hilton’s Holographic BMW i8 Roadster

Who wants to read tacky motivational words on images of famous millionaires who scream, “Look at me and how amazing I am?” Paris Hilton has been attempting to portray herself as a role model, however she hasn’t totally shed her wild side. At the very least, she’s sticking to her brand by displaying one pricey pink car after another.

Although the classic Bentley Continental GT with rhinestones still reigns supreme, this BMW i8 Roadster with an unachievable holographic wrap is yet another wonderful illustration of Parisian style. “If I were a car, this would be me,” the heiress even stated. Before Paris turned into…her, the i8 Roadster looked fantastic. However, it is ideal for someone who still carries a Chihuahua in a designer bag.

5. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Paint-Splattered Lamborghini Aventador

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Paint-Splattered Lamborghini Aventador
Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Paint-Splattered Lamborghini Aventador

As 6ix9ine, the outlandish rapper with a distinctive, colourful flair that became an instant brand, Daniel Hernandez seized the music world by storm. His car collection is as well-known as his legal difficulties, but two of his vehicles stood out the most. One was a rainbow Ferrari, and the other was this tie dye, paint-splattered Lamborghini Aventador, which takes a different approach to the rainbow motif.

This crazy-looking Aventador appears in at least one of his music videos, but it appears to be part of the décor rather than a real car. Nonetheless, it is. And it will be known for years to come as the vehicle in which the controversial rapper was travelling when he sent a message to the world that appeared to be directed at his “mistake” – “You looking for me? You’ll be able to find me.”


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