Unshackle Yourself From The Mainstream – See Your City At Night

Riders out there dream of cruising through the kaleidoscopic magic of the city. Want to experience the magic yourself?

Cruising through the night at the speed of light,

In the poetic charm of the sea-surrounded city of Mumbai, 

These riders navigate the streets at the dusky midnight,

Tall are the malls and towery nightclubs in the city of Mumbai,

But taller are the dreams of these lovers of speed.

Burning with the desire to pierce through the night, 

On the Bajaj Pulsar N250.

With the fiery will to touch the sky,

And carve their identity leaving no room for a sigh,

Standing over the scenic view of the deepest ocean,

Witnessing the waves buffet through the Marine Drive.

The chilly air of the night makes their soul come alive,

When they stop and stare into the nothingness, the silence, of the night,

 The true essence of the phrase “Aamchi Mumbai” comes into sight,

When the core of the streets changes from mile to mile.