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Verne Troyer Car collection | All Cars driven by Mini-Me Verne Troyer | Net Worth

Verne Troyer Car collection consists of cars like Audi S5, Mustang Boss 302, Mercedes-Benz CLK and a Polaris Razor too.

You may not recognize Verne Troyer, but you will recognize Mini-Me. He is most renowned for this role, and we all remember Dr. Evil’s smaller, more concentrated pure evil guy. You might be asking if Troyer was capable of driving a regular automobile. The answer is yes; with a few tweaks, he could drive almost any car. He was able to afford a great bike with a net worth of around $10 million. So we’ll have a look at his automobiles; there will be a few toy cars in here, as well as a couple that he got to enjoy from the passenger seat.

Verne Troyer Car collectionPrice (USD)
Audi S5$54,000
Mustang Boss 302$40,000

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AUDI S5 – $54,000

Verne Troyer Car collection

Verne showcased his residence on one of his vlogs, as well as a handful of the automobiles he owns. The Audi S5, which has a supercharged engine, is one of them. He took this automobile to a race track to demonstrate that he could drive it there. The car comes with a 3.0liter V6 producing 350 horsepower as standard. Audi S5 is an amazing four-door sports car that has a price tag of $33,000 to $54,000.

Mustang Boss 302 – $40,000

Verne Troyer Car collection

Mini-Me didn’t get to drive the Boss 302, but he did get to see Erik Valdez drive it around the racing course with Troyer in the passenger seat. While Verne liked the automobile and thought the color was beautiful, he didn’t like the trip and stated that he will remain friends with Valdez but will no longer be riding with him. Things got serious under the hood. Redesigned cylinder heads, more aggressive camshafts, bigger intake valves, and a whole new intake manifold were all added to the GT’s 5.0 V8 engine.


Verne Troyer Car collection

Troyer has been sighted driving his Mercedes-Benz CLK, which has been adapted to fit his needs. This car is also an immensely popular car in the car guy community and it is a great driver’s car. The CLK comes with a V8 producing 380 horsepower from it and has a 7-speed automatic transmission.


Verne Troyer Car collection

Verne Troyer got the opportunity to race the Polaris Razor many years ago and wanted to get the fastest time possible. He went too quickly in the last jump, as he admitted, and he didn’t able to stop in time as his foot slipped off the brake. Finally, he collided with a fence post, but no one was injured. This car is an off-roader with a small wheelbase enough for Troyer to drive but he didn’t do so.

Well, this was a small car collection from the (Mini-Me) Verne as he owns fewer cars. You can also check out car collection of Ja Rule, Scott Disick.


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