Volkswagen Electric Sport SUV ID.4 Gtx Unveiled


Volkswagen has finally launched its new badge (GTX) to its new lectric car. Moreover They claim to use the badge for all of it’s future electric vehicles. The vehicle will provide twin-motor , all wheel drive powertrain and will be first ID (Intelligent Design) to feature it.

ID.4 GTX Explained :

Besides the GTI , GTE & GTDs , A new badge jas been launched by the company namely GTX’ . The badge will be used for all of the upcoming splendid Electric Vehicles. The brand has well-planned and executed the badge in order to position it along with the other ranges of vehicles. However ID.4 will be the first magnificient electric sport to have it.

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Volkswagen ‘s new ID.4 features twin – motor 146–302 hp (148–306 PS; 109–225 kW) which produce approximately 295 hp s.The new EV can whizz from 0-100 in less than 6.5 seconds , and is considered to be quickest in all of it’s EVs . However ID.4 is limited upto 112mph because the vehicle uses a lithium-ion battey ( 52 to 77 kWh ) . However battery can be charged upto 80% within 60 mins .The Company claims that ID.4 will provide a range upto 250 miles i.e 400 kms in a single charge.

Dimensions :

length4584 mm
Height1612 mm
Width1852 mm
Wheel base2765 mm

ID.4 Highlights :

The black roof and rear spoiler are it’s newly added features , additionally a strong and durable sun-roof bar along with high-gloss black air intake grills at the front makes the car even more fascinating to look at. Significantly Volkswagen has tried to make the GTX range different and more advanced from its other types. Finally the newly designed bumpers, the eye-catching elements at the rear include the rear bumper , the 3D LED tail light cluster with brake lights.

ID.4 GTX Release date & Pricing :

The brand will start it’s sales in Germany from this summer. However the ID.4 GTX will be available to UK later this year , also ,the car will be launched at a price of €50,415 euros in Germany. Similarly the Pricing for the U.K edition is expected to be in the region of £50,00 ( just under $70,000 ) .


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