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Volkswagen’s Office Chair Makes Bumper Cars at Work a Reality

Do you think your office chair is stylish? We honestly don’t know what the Volkswagen employees in Norway are thinking, but we have a sneaking suspicion that a few engineers are starting to get restless as winter approaches. How else do you explain a heated, motorised office chair with a stereo, a backup camera, and headlights? And those are just a fraction of the features on this top-tier piece of office furniture.

It’s a creation of the Norwegian Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles division, and yes, it exists. It is known simply as the chair, and one electric motor powering the back and front big wheels allows it to travel at a top speed of 12 mph. By the way, those are four-inch aluminium wheels that are also used for steering. This chair has a range of 7.4 miles on a fully charged battery. Even for those who are constantly attempting to avoid a particularly grumpy boss, that should be sufficient to cover bathroom trips for at least a week.

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The pilot of this opulent chair literally has a bevvy of equipment within reach once they are buckled up in their seat and secured with their seatbelt (of course there is one). Strip lights and LED headlights illuminate the dim hallways. The water cooler gossiping coworkers are made aware of your presence by a horn. If that doesn’t work, turn up the music and irritate them until they comply. The chair also comes equipped with flashing party lights for those rare occasions when the office staff enjoys your music. The back of the vehicle has a hitch that can be used to pull kegs from the boss’s closet to the break room if the situation warrants it.

An infotainment system keeps you updated on the chair’s condition throughout. This has backup cameras and 360-degree sensors, which are ideal for catching Bill trying to covertly attach another kick me sign to your back. Bill, not today. not now.

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No, you cannot purchase one at your neighbourhood Volkswagen dealership (or hip furniture store). It’s just a one-off designed to promote the line of vans and commercial vehicles offered by VW, and the marketing gimmick clearly succeeded because we are now discussing it. The chair would be our only option for participating in the upcoming round of the office Olympics, even though it is undoubtedly not as capable as a Caddy or ID. Buzz.

Source: Volkwagen Commercial Vehicles Norway via Carscoops


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