Watch: Texas Thieves Steal A Chevy Corvette Wheel In Less Than A Minute

These days, cameras are everywhere. The ever-watching eye might be able to assist in finding a group of cooks in Texas. On November 3, a would-be NASCAR pit crew successfully stole the wheel and tyre from a C7 Corvette in less than 60 seconds. They had no idea that a Tesla in the parking lot had recorded the entire incident.

On November 3, in Southlake, Texas, the crime was committed in the late afternoon. Along with the video, Southlake Police also uploaded a lengthy (and admittedly amusing) description of the incident to YouTube. A white Corvette and a black Dodge Charger are spotted parked side by side in a nearly empty parking lot at 1:39 PM local time. Two people step out of the car on the passenger side, dressed casually in masks and ill-fitting clothing. While one jacks the car up, the other uses what appears to be an electric impact wrench to zip off the lug nuts.

Although there is no sound in the video, we can see the alarm system’s hazard lights flashing as the car lifts up. A third masked person emerges from the vehicle after the wheel has become free to grab it. The wheel is now thrown into the trunk, and their pace quickens noticeably. Before putting the wrench and jack inside the car, the thieves kindly placed the ‘Vette on a piece of wood. The trio fumbles a bit as they get back into the Charger, which then accelerates off. Although there may have been more than three, since the brake lights remained on throughout the crime, we only see three people.

In relation to that, the entire video lasts exactly 59 seconds. Fortunately for the police, the Tesla that was recording the incident was parked in the ideal spot. Although they have the Charger’s licence plate number and are conducting an investigation, anyone with information is urged to call Southlake Police at 817-748-8915. We don’t know exactly what wheels were on the Corvette, but the one that was stolen is rumoured to be worth $700.