Watch This Crazy Tesla Model 3 Road Rage Attack And Chase

Pickup truck drivers assaulted the Tesla, throwing objects at it, chasing it along the road, and attempting to capture it.

While we’ve seen a lot of intriguing TeslaCam footage from Wham Baam Teslacam, this one stands out. As you can see in the video, a Tesla Model 3 owner experiences roughly 20 minutes of insane road rage, and according to reports, he was unable to obtain assistance from the authorities.

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Gunnawuat, the Tesla owner, was in his Model 3 picking up food from a fast-food establishment while listening to loud music. Overhearing his music, a few pickup truck drivers decided to interact. He claims it was because he drives a Tesla that they were shouting at him and calling him names.

In any case, a couple trucks were involved, hurling objects at his car as he attempted to depart, and then following him out of the parking lot. When he arrived at the next light, they began throwing rocks or something else heavy at him. The situation began to rapidly deteriorate. (anewcareer)

Unfortunately, he was unable to flee swiftly, and the following occurred for quite some time. The pickup truck drivers worked together to try to trap him even as he tried to move the Model 3 off the road and into a parking area. This happened a few more times before Gunnawut grew concerned and dialled 911.

He alleges that unless the situation was life-threatening, the 911 operator would not dispatch assistance. Gunnawut made it apparent that this was a critical issue, but it didn’t seem to matter. He claims that the cops were just hesitant to assist him unless he was already injured. After 20 minutes of crazy road rage, the Model 3 owner was finally able to move away from the trucks, and despite the fact that he remained on the phone with the 911 operator the entire time, the cops never arrived.

He drove to the police station and attempted to show them the TeslaCam footage, but they allegedly refused to watch it or assist him. Thankfully, he was able to submit a police complaint and subsequently present the footage to other authorities. Officers arrived to his home and saw the footage, but he claims they have not contacted him about the incident.

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