These Mistakes During Driving Can Lose Your Driving License

By: Anuj Farkade | Team Autobizz

1. Loud Music 

You can be fined for playing music too loudly in the car. Although the situation is not clear regarding the volume level of the music, but the traffic police can deduct the challan according to their discretion.

2. Speed Limit

Speeding driving is not permitted on the roads surrounding the school. Usually at such places there is a board of speed limit.

3. Use of Phone

Most of the people would know about this rule. You can be fined for using the phone while driving. According to the law, the driver cannot use the mobile for any purpose other than navigation service.

4. Bluetooth Call

Now almost all car companies provide this facility in their cars, but it is illegal to talk on the phone even through Bluetooth while driving. Talking on the phone via Bluetooth while driving can result in fines or confiscation of license.

5. Driving on the Sidewalk

People driving two-wheelers often start driving on the sidewalk to avoid traffic. This is an offense as per the traffic rules. Even if you do so, your driving license can be confiscated.

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