Hyderabad Man Rides 2,500 KMs to Ladakh on His Honda Activa

It’s not out of ordinary to meet motorcycle enthusiasts wishing to ride to Ladakh on their Royal Enfield or other powerful motorcycles.

M Dileep Kumar from Hyderabad is so fond of traveling that, he recently made a trip to Ladakh from his town on his Honda Activa.

He covered a total distance of more than 2,500 km in just 27 days by riding up to 12 hours a day.

The braveheart started his road trip to Ladakh on September 8 and met with an accident near Nagpur.

As per Kumar, the toughest part of his trip to the cold dessert was the off-road section near Tso Moriri lake.

He would mostly travel around 12 hours a day but at higher altitudes, he could cover just about 250 km in a day.