Kerala: How Do They Have So Many Modified Cars And Why Police Can’t Stop Them ?

BY: Anuj Farkade | Visual Stories

Keralites Got No Chill !

If we talk about a particular state having large number of mobility then Kerela is amongst them

Significance of Middle East

The reason is that many people goes to Gulf countries from Kerela for their living which indulge them in white-collar jobs with high pay grades which helps them to buy and keep huge expensive cars and bikes in their homes.

HigherLiteracy  Rates Higher Car Customizations

Higher education also help Keralites to follow other countries car culture. For example, here JDM custom (Japan Domestic Market) followed the most.

JDM Culture

Kerala mostly follow the JDM car culture as most people here custom cars according to the Japan’s car culture. The Japanese car culture made its influence to most part of the continents.

Even After Car Modification Banned, Still Successful Yet !

Apart from JDM Mods , we can see a lot or cars with retro and classic designs. So as we know that auto modification is banned in India but still they are successful in it.

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