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Weirdest Car Accidents Ever

Accidents are very unfortunate incidents. There is also the risk of death along with minor injuries. To reduce that risk, cars are getting safer designs and being tested by authorities. Still, accidents happen and many lives are lost every day. Mostly, these crashes are serious and feel bad to see. But some of the crashes are very weird. No one (and in certain cases even the driver) can understand why the crash happened. It might be the driver’s mistake or some other reason, these crashes happen. Whatever may be the reason, these accidents surely seem funny. Today, we will have a look at the Weirdest Car accidents that ever happened:-

1. Can I Park Here?

Weirdest Car Crashes Ever Parking

Starting off the list of the weirdest car accidents ever with a pretty simple one. All Car drivers can agree on the fact that it is difficult to find parking in a crowded city. It seems that in the case of this house owner and driver, the parking space is on top of the house. This Cadillac seems to be stuck between the roof and the walled compound. How the driver took the car back on road and what were the parking charges is still a question though.

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2. Stolen truck reported directly to Police

There are two categories of thieves. First One consists of thieves who are too smart and the second one are so dumb that even words can’t describe them. In the case of this lady though, the end of her car-stealing made her smartness look like dumbness. The woman smartly stole the truck from the original driver. But while being chased by police, she lost control and crashed the truck into a police station. Guess that’s a different way to confess the crime, isn’t it?

3. Electric Crash

Weirdest Car Crashes Ever : Electric Crash

Crash testing is one of the key parts of car testing to ensure the safety of the occupants. But some vehicle owners don’t believe in what the company says and want to take the matter into their own hands. In the image above, we can see a new Tesla model rolling out of the showroom to directly collide with the delivery centre’s billboard. The owner must be angry with the autonomous system…..

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4. Wheelie Time !!

This has got to be one of the weirdest car accidents ever captured. It is usual to see bike riders doing wheelies. But it is only in drag racing that we see cars doing wheelies. It seems that this Aston Martin owner did not agree with the fact. How he pulled off this outrageous yet funny stunt no one knows. Hope he had his pockets full of cash before doing this because the car sure looks like it has received some damage on the boot.

5. Words are Not Enough

It is strange how this Range Rover has fallen into the gap and has fit accurately in it. But it feels that some truck or car pushed this one while turning or overspeeding and the car went inside the gap. In any way, this surely would make one rotate the image to make sure it is correct, but it won’t be…

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