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Whats Different: Maruti Ignis Abroad Vs India.

Maruti Ignis Abroad Vs India

India’s most reached brand Maruti Suzuki has its business across the different countries in the world. Maruti Suzuki exports there cars in countries like South and Central America Asia, Europe, Africa and many others. However, the vehicles are quite similar in specification but still there are some key differences that can be point out. This article is all about Maruti Ignis India version and Global Version.

Suzuki Ignis Dimensions:

Dimensionally Ignis in UK region, has a length of 3700mm, width of 1690mm and the height is 1605mm. On the other hand Ignis in the domestic market is 3700mm long, 1690mm wide and 1595mm tall. However, dimensionally both the cars are near about similar.

DimensionsUk VersionIndia Version

Suzuki Ignis Exterior:

From the exterior again both cars looks extremely similar there is not as such difference. But, obviously there are two major element where both are can be differentiated. The Maruti Suzuki Ignis available in domestic market equipped with a spoiler while, one available in UK misses the spoiler element. Moreover, the model which is available in our market gets 15-inch alloy wheels while UK model crawls on 16-inch alloy wheels.

Suzuki Ignis Interior :

Inside, of the both the cars are similar as well. But, again there are some minor element that are different from each other. UK specs Ignis available in two options 5-seater bench rear seat and 4-seater. The 4-seater version gets more flexible seating where indivisible seats option allowed passenger to make comfortable leg space for comfortable ride.

Suzuki Ignis Features:

Ignis in abroad market comes with hybrid system, and here in our market which one is completely missing. The foreign market hybrid system includes dedicated lithium-ion batteries therefore you will find a huge bump in the fuel efficiency in both the cars.Additionally Ignis in abroad car comes with different driving modes such as 4WD, grip control and hill descent control these is something missing feature in India-Specs Ignis.

Suzuki Ignis Saftey:

Saftey point of view the foreign market SUV is more advanced which is missing here. Maruti Ignis which is available in Japan equipped features like 360-degree camera, dual camera brake support, false start suppression function,lane departure warning, 4-airbags, etc.While Indian Ignis equipped with features like 2-airbags, seat-belt pre-tensioner, ABS with EBD and ISOFIX child mounts.


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