Why Silencer of Some Motorcycle Are Inclined Upward ?


You guys have often seen most of the bikes have silencer horizontal or  parallel to the ground, while in some bike silencer are inclined at 15° to 40°.

  • The inclined silencers are mostly seen on sports bikes.
  • Cornering is important in Sports Bike, affect cornering capabilities.
  • In cruisers, cornering is not an important criteria, hence they have horizontal silencer.

         Silencer design is depends on different parameters. Some bikes are made for speed, acceleration, performance, power. While, some bikes are made for touring purpose of mileage to cover long distance. Sole purpose of sports bike is the stability in speed and stability while cornering or turning on road.
          In upward tilted silencer design height of the silencer from the ground increased. Inclined Silencer are mostly found in sports bike, because sports bike are made for High Speed, Better Cornering, Max Power, better acceleration and high braking.

When we do cornering because of inclined Silencer. The inclination angle increased due to this inclination we’re able to tilt bike more and our requirement fulfill. Inclination of silencer in sports bikes has limit of angle from 15 degrees to 40 degrees.

In the design aesthetic purposes to give a bike better look bikes are come up with upward tilted Silencer. It enhances the styling of the bike. Bikes from KTM have under body exhausts and some superbikes (even MotoGP race bikes) have their exhausts situated below the seats/cowls. For the same reason to make the cornering more effective and maintaining stable CG.


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