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Why Tata SUVs Not Offer 4WD System ?

Will Tata Motors Ever Offer A 4WD System ?

The Tata SUV portfolio has been a huge success for the company. It has aided Tata Motors in reviving sales. SUVs like the Nexon and Punch have been selling in the tens of thousands per month. Despite the fact that Tata SUVs are capable off-road, none of them are equipped with a proper off-road system such as 4WD or 4WD. Tata used to have a system like this in the old Safari and Hexa. So why isn’t Tata equipping its new SUVs with such sophisticated off-road systems? We’ll look at why Tata doesn’t provide 4WD in today’s article.

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Here’s Why Tata Cars Are Not Launch With 4WD

Tata Sierra

There is no 4WD option on any Tata SUV in the current lineup. Tata Motors has also declared that it has no intentions to develop a four-wheel-drive vehicle in the near future. The lack of demand for 4WD cars has been cited as a major factor in this decision. According to Tata, 4WD SUVs account for only 2% of all SUVs sold in India. In the segment in which Harrier competes, they are even lower.

While the Safari and Harrier are built on the Omega Arc chassis, which is derived from Land Rover’s D8 architecture, Tata will have to invest a significant amount of money to make it 4WD suitable. As a result, the Harrier and Safari will be significantly more expensive than the competition.

Final Verdict

For the time being, Tata is not putting much effort into developing a 4WD system for its existing vehicles. However, we expect Tata to include proper off-roading equipment in future vehicles such as the Sierra EV. Tata is working on platforms that will support such systems.

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