Will Maruti Suzuki Launch The Jimny In India ?

Will Maruti Jimny Ever Come to India ?
Will Maruti Jimny Ever Come to India ?

Why Maruti Delayed The Jimny Launch ?

The Jimny is one of India’s most eagerly awaited automobiles. The buzz emanates from India’s burgeoning lifestyle market. At the Auto Expo 2020, Maruti showcased the Jimny. The Jimny is manufactured in India, but only for export markets. The Jimny was being considered by the brand for India, but nothing has been confirmed yet. So the question is if the Maruti Jimny will ever be seen in India. In today’s piece, we’ll look at why Maruti is delaying the debut, as well as whether a launch is even possible.

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1. The Design Quotient

Will Maruti Suzuki Launch The Jimny In India ?
Maruti Jimny

Rather than selling the three-door Jimny straight to Indian customers, Maruti is anticipated to work on a five-door Jimny. Indian shoppers are price-conscious, and Maruti understands this. This is why Maruti is the market leader in the country’s inexpensive hatchback sector. Another reason for the delay could be Maruti’s concentration on building a five-door variant for the Indian market.

2. Bitter Past

Maruti has experimented with many segments in the past. However, not every product has met with the same level of success. It had already attempted this with the Kizashi, but it had failed miserably. As a result, Maruti does not want to be associated with another failure in the form of the Jimny. The lifestyle car segment is still in its early stages of development.

3. Pricing Strategy

In India, Maruti is recognised for its low-cost automobiles. A cause for the delay could be the price point at which Jimny would join the Indian market. If Maruti wants to compete with Mahindra Thar, it will have to price it correctly. As a result, Maruti could be balancing out its plan to make the Jimny a perfect product, and this could be one of the reasons for the delay.

4. Chip Shortage

Chip Factories
Chip Factories

The chip scarcity has impacted carmakers all around the world, and Maruti is no exception. Popular automobiles are equipped with readily available chips. In this situation, it makes little sense for Maruti to produce another product that will put a load on their resources.

Final Verdict

Maruti Suzuki relies heavily on the Indian market. As a result, it would appear that the Jimny would be launched in India. In addition, the recent success of Mahindra Thar has demonstrated that such cars have a market. As a result, after Maruti resolves the difficulties, we will see Jimny in India.

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