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Delhi-based Startup Launches World’s First Anti-Pollution Helmet

This ground-breaking helmet cleans the air, addressing the problem of pollution in the majority of our nation’s industrial and metro areas. We have seen firsthand the horrifying heights to which air pollution levels could rise. Due to these circumstances, people experience a variety of illnesses. Most breathing-related problems are brought on by inhaling too much airborne toxic chemicals. The Delhi-based startup Shellios has rectified this by launching its line of Puros helmets, which will revolutionise the long-standing helmet industry.

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The helmet has a tonne of technological features to achieve specific objectives, just like all contemporary technology. The Shellios team realised that sweating, ventilation, heat, visibility, and comfort are the main problems associated with wearing helmets. The helmet must, of course, be durable to withstand unfortunate accidents on the road. As a result, they developed the Puros helmets, which include an Air Filter, Bluetooth, Headphone Speakers, Battery Pack, PCB, and a Mic. The user can connect via Bluetooth to an app that notifies them when it’s time to clean their helmet.

This appears to be a fantastic solution to the main issue. Heavy air pollution is a problem that affects many industrial cities and the majority of India’s metro areas. Numerous medical studies support the idea that breathing such unhealthy air for extended periods of time shortens a person’s lifespan because they are more likely to contract breathing problems, heart problems, and blood pressure problems. It is crucial that such contaminated air not be allowed to reach our lungs at any cost.

Anti-Pollution Helmet Price

Government endorses a Delhi startup Shellios Technolabs' anti-pollution  helmet

The Ministry of Science and Technology and Technology Entrepreneur Park (JSSATE-STEP) Noida have provided funding for the Delhi-based startup. The helmet will cost Rs 4,500 and be sold all over the nation. One of the startup’s founders, Amit Pathak, was quoted in a release as saying, “We were disturbed by the health impacts of the air quality situation on the people on the roads, especially the millions of two wheeler riders who were having prolonged daily exposures and that too, to a double whammy of particulate matter and vehicular emissions in the air that they breathe.”

Technology aids in the development of such distinctive and innovative goods that improve and greatly simplify our lives. More importantly, using these helmets will directly improve health, helping major cities like New Delhi combat toxic air pollution. Riders will be able to perform a variety of tasks thanks to Bluetooth’s convenience without averting their eyes or their attention from the road. What do you think of this novel approach to a persistent issue?

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