XOOST Home Speaker gets Mercedes-AMG GT’s Styling, & Pricing !

XOOST Home Speaker gets Mercedes-AMG GT's Styling, & Pricing !
XOOST Home Speaker gets Mercedes-AMG GT's Styling, & Pricing !

The Modena-based company iXOOST has you covered with its newest offering if you want an audio system for your home that resembles the design of a Mercedes-AMG GT.

The audio system is equipped with four one-inch tweeters and two six-inch woofers, as well as a 2125 Watt amplifier. It has a frequency range of 60 to 22,000 Hz, is Bluetooth 4.5 compatible, and includes a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Similar specifications can be found in less expensive products, but the design of the AMG Performance Luxury Audio is the standout feature.

The device has a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and appears to be a combination of OEM AMG GT parts. The front is inspired by the Panamericana grille, with anodized aluminium accents and the Mercedes emblem, the top resembles a vented bonnet, the sides incorporate the AMG GT’s actual exhaust pipes, and the rear is similar to a diffuser.

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The audio system weighs 15 kg (33 pounds) and is 650 x 760 x 260 mm in size (25.6 x 29.9 x 10.2 inches). Mercedes-AMG and iXOOST worked together to create the product. As a result, every example receives an AMG engine emblem, though this one is signed by iXOOST rather than an AMG engineer.

You won’t find pricing on the official website of iXOOST, but it’s been suggested that the Mercedes-AMG speaker could cost over $30,000. This would make it even more expensive than the previous iXOOST Lamborghini Esavox sound system which was offered for €19,900 / US$20,500.

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