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Xzibit Car Collection | Pimp My Ride | All Cars Owned By Xzibit

Xzibit owns some of the pimped out cars in the collection like the Gallardo, Bugatti Veyron and Cadillac Eldorado.

If you’ve heard of Pimp My Ride, you’ve probably heard of Xzibit as well. You might recognize him if you grew up listening to Hip Hop in the 1990s. Xzibit was a huge component of the automotive and music scenes in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the majority of his work being car customization.

Xzibit Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Lamborghini Gallardo $190,000
Bugatti Veyron $1.5 million
Cadillac Eldorado $120,000

Lamborghini Gallardo – $190,000

Xzibit Car Collection

Xzibit was famous for his passion for Lamborghinis. He had to have one, of course. His was a Gallardo with Adidas logo stripes and black bodywork, which he had custom-designed. In one of his Gumball 3000 races, he drove this. Unfortunately, Xzibit chose to sell the Gallardo since he needed the money more than he needed the car owing to his lack of success after Pimp My Ride.

The Gallardo currently ranges in price from $90,000 to $190,000. The rapper is expected to sell for a hefty price. Xzibit, on the other hand, was charitable, donating 10% of the profits to the families of Vladimir and Margarita Chepunjoska, who were killed in a Gumball 3000 accident.

Bugatti Veyron – $1.5 million

Xzibit Car Collection

Boxer Floyd Mayweather bought Xzibit’s Bugatti Veyron. He used to drive this during his participation on Gumball 3000. Floyd’s personal Bugatti Veyron was matte white with red and white accents, which is quite elegant, so it’s no surprise he bought it. Red carbon fiber accents were used throughout the engine. It’s a pity he had to part with such a wonderful pimped-up bike.

Cadillac Eldorado – $120,000

Xzibit Car Collection

Xzibit left the presentation with a customized Cadillac Eldorado. It looks to be one of the early versions that has been modified with an orange wrap.

Cadillac launched the Eldorado as early as 1952 and retired them in 2002. The Eldorado was one of Cadilac’s top cars for 50 years. It had a flexible convertible top and a spacious interior. In its early years, the Eldorado was one of Cadillac’s most costly models.

Xzibit’s collection used to be a lot more fascinating than it is now, in our opinion. With its matte white and red look, the Bugatti Veyron was one of a kind. It’s a pity that it’s being sold. Despite this, his collection continues to rule supreme with a blinged-out bike that we wouldn’t want to see any other way.

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