Yamaha FZ Modified Heavily Into Yamaha RX 100 Retro Bike

Yamaha FZ Modified

The first-generation Yamaha FZ seen here has been modified by ‘Gear Gear Motorcycles,’ who has transformed the bike into a leaner vehicle that resembles the renowned RX 100. Starting with an RX 100 fuel tank and a custom-built flat seat, the Yamaha FZ was totally stripped down to get the notion of installing bespoke components.

The side panels were left exposed after removing all the panels, and the modification painted them black to assist the yellow fuel tank communicate its scrambler feel. The factory exhaust was also replaced with a bespoke exhaust system, and the rear LED strip was installed just behind the seat.

The front disc brake and rear drum brake combinations have been retained from the factory Yamaha FZ model. With black graphics, the ribbed seat pattern has been recreated on the fuel tank. A circular halogen headlight has been installed on the modified motorcycle.

The stock handlebar has been changed with a scrambler racer one, and bar-end mirrors complete the look of this classic FZ. The use of broad dual-purpose tyres with spoke rims on both ends makes it unique and also helps to raise the motorcycle’s ride height. For more information and pricing information, please contact:


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