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Yamaha RX100: The 90s Craze Set to make a Comeback

There is a huge market of two wheeler in India. You will definitely find a two wheeler in every house. Two wheelers have been a craze among Indians since time immemorial. Be it Yamaha RX100 or Bajaj’s great scooter. Even today, if you see, Bajaj’s scooters are kept in their homes by the people. These scooters have been kept as antique things at many malls and automobile showrooms. With the changing times, technology also changed and new generation scooters and bikes started coming in the market. 

However, the impression of the old two wheeler still rules the hearts of the people. Looking at the likes and love of the people, Yamaha is going to launch the scooter of the 90s once again. Japanese automaker Yamaha is planning to bring its 90s favorite bike Yamaha RX100 to the Indian market. Yamaha RX100 will be the same high performance bike as before, which the company will present with a new design.

Everyone’s favorite was in the 90s

Yamaha launched the Yamaha RX100 in India in 1985 and was discontinued in March 1986. This bike used to come with a 100 cc engine which was very popular among the youth at that time. Even today, people have kept this bike in many homes by handling it. Seeing the demand and love of the people, the company is once again going to bring back the Yamaha RX100 with a great design and a strong engine.

When will the launch take place?

According to media reports, the company can launch Yamaha RX100 by the year 2026. This is because the company is currently working on an electric scooter, which the company will launch by 2025.


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