Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India

Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India

Yezdi Brand Relaunched In India

The new Yezdi motorbike series from Classic Legends includes three new models: the Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Scrambler, and Yezdi Roadster. All three bikes are designed around a dual-cradle chassis and powered by a 334cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine borrowed from the Jawa Perak. However, each bike has its own design, function, features, and engine state of tune, and they all have their own distinct flavours. We take a look at the new Yezdi motorcycles and what they have to offer.

Styling & Features

  • Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India
  • Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India
  • Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India

Each of the new Yezdi motorcycles has its own individual appearance, developed with the target consumer in mind and the purpose in mind. The Yezdi Adventure is designed for tough terrain with a tall stance, short windscreen, wide handlebar, and huge front wheel. With a chopped-off tail section, the Yezdi Scrambler sports a simple, stripped-down look. The Scrambler appears to be a factory custom, and it will appeal to those searching for a fun and exhilarating bike to take on the rough, as well as weekend trips and long distance rides. The Yezdi Roadster is intended for everyday use, such as commuting and largely in-city travel. It’s the most comparable in design to the Jawa Forty-Two, and it’ll appeal to a similar set of clients.

Engine And Other Specs

Yezdi Motorcycles Launched In India

The 334 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine in all three bikes is the same, as is the 6-speed gearbox. However, each model’s engine internals, such as pistons, cam shafts, and valves, are unique, as are the state of tune and engine maps, to match the model’s function and personality.

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Bike ModelsPowerTorqueRPMKerb weight
Yezdi Adventure29.8 bhp29.9 Nm8,000 rpm188 kg
Yezdi Scrambler27 bhp28.2 Nm8,000 rpm182 kg
Yezdi Roadster29.3 bhp29 Nm7,300 rpm184 kg

Yezdi Bikes Price And Sales

Bookings for the new Yezdi motorbikes are already open, and they will be sold through common dealerships that will sell both Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles. The Yezdi Adventure is the most expensive model. The prices go up depending on the choice of colour. A detailed price sheet is given as follows.

Bike ModelsColour OptionsStarting PriceTop End Price
Yezdi Adventure3Rs. 2,09,900Rs. 2,18,900
Yezdi Scrambler4Rs. 2,04,900Rs. 2,10,900
Yezdi Roadster5Rs. 1,98,142 Rs. 2,06,142

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