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Yezdi Teases Upcoming Motorcycle In New Video

Upcoming Yezdi Motorcycles For India

In a recent post on social media, Classic Legends has posted the first official teaser video for the new Yezdi motorcycles. On January 13, 2022, the Yezdi motorbike brand will be restored, and the business plans to release three new bikes under the revived brand name. The most recent video shows a new Yezdi motorcycle being ridden on the beach. While the video does not offer many specifics, we can see wire spoke wheels, twin exhausts, and what appears to be an adv-styled motorcycle. An adventure-styled bike will be one of the three bikes introduced, along with a roadster and a scrambler.

Brands History

After Jawa and, more recently, BSA, the Yezdi brand will be the third to return from Classic Legends. Ideal Jawa, owned by the Irani family, created the brand and began selling licenced Jawa bikes in India in 1960. The same company developed the Yezdi brand in 1973, which was based on Jawa bikes. Classic Legends is betting big on the Yezdi brand.

What We Know So Far

Yezdi Teases Upcoming Motorcycle In New Video

All three bikes are likely to be built on the same platform and to use the same 334cc single-cylinder engine as the Jawa Perak. While power and performance figures have yet to be disclosed, they are expected to be similar to those of the Perak. With a 6-speed transmission, the Perak produces around 30 horsepower and 32.74 Nm of peak torque. The Company is bringing back memories of the original Yezdi motorcycles from the 1960s and 1970s, which featured 250cc two-stroke, 350cc twin, and 175cc single-cylinder engines. The 250 cc single-cylinder engine, which was offered in numerous types and modifications, was by far the most popular Yezdi.

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