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Zero SR Launched Most Affordable Electric Bike In UK

The Zero SR is now available in the UK, and it offers many of the same features as its predecessor. Let’s start with the obvious performance peculiarities they’ve included. There are performance profiles included, and you can switch between Eco and Sports modes. You can access stats like Max Speed, Max Torque, Neural Regeneration, Brake Regeneration, and more by connecting it to your mobile device. You may customise profiles for busy streets or winding backroads.

Zero SR

When connected to a level 2 charging station, the Zero gives 85 miles of riding for every hour of charging. You may charge it entirely in an hour, depending on the battery size. No additional equipment or installations are required for charging on FX, FXS, S, or DS. With an EVSE cable, SR can plug into any outlet. The Rapid Charge option on the SR can be increased from 6 kW to 12 kW.

The ZF7.2 battery that comes with the Zero S can be increased by 3.6 kWh by adding a Power Tank attachment. The battery is covered by a five-year unlimited mileage warranty and has a Long Term Storage Mode that optimises the charging process. It comes with a carbon fibre belt that is attached to a torque-delivering motor.

Zero SR

At 4300rpm, the Zero S can achieve a top speed of 158 km/h (max), peak torque of 106 Nm, and peak power of 34kW. It has a Z-Force 75-5 passively air-cooled radial flux, an internal permanent magnet, a 550 amp brushless motor, and a 3-phase brushless controller with regenerative deceleration fitted. The initial price of the Zero S is $11595 (Rs 8,79,848), but it will cost roughly $15090 if you want to add a power tank or charge the tank with a rapid charger (Rs 11,45,233). It’s only available in the colour graphite.

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