Zoji La Pass Opens For The First Time In Winter

Zoji La Pass Opens For The First Time In Winter
Zoji La Pass Opens For The First Time In Winter

For The First Time In The Winter, The Zoji-La Pass Opens

The Border Road Organisation (BRO) is well-known for its outstanding work, with recent projects such as the Atal tunnel and the world’s highest motorable road, the Umling La, serving as shining examples. The BRO has added another feather to its cap by successfully opening the Zoji-La (pass) in January, which is expected to improve strategic connectivity in the Ladakh area, particularly in light of the impasse with China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). On January 2, 72 vehicles crossed the Zoji-La mountain pass for the first time, setting a new record.


Zoji La Pass Opens For The First Time In Winter

Even during the peak winter season, the facility will provide a vital link between the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. According to a tweet from BRO, “Second day of 2022 witnessed passing of 72 Vehicles across the Pass first time ever. This stupendous feat could only be achieved owing to the daunting courage of Karmyogis who stood their ground despite all odds.” A video of vehicles at the Zoji-La pass was also released.

Now, to put this in context, the Zoji-La connects the Ladakh region to the lower sections of the North, and transportation becomes a major difficulty in this part of the world during the winter season. Now that the pass is accessible, movement of products, people, and troops will be feasible virtually all year, with the exception of days when the weather is harsh and the region is blanketed in snow.

Record Setting Moment

By sending equipment and employees, BRO has been working to extend the pass’s winter operations. It’s a great accomplishment to keep Zoji-La open in January. On December 31, 94 vehicles went through Jozi La, which was maintained open by BRO despite a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. The 14.2 km long Zoji La road tunnel is also under construction.

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