Our Team

Deepesh Chitale is the Senior Blogger at Autobizz. He is an Automobile Engineer and a car enthusiast, interested in the design of cars regardless of their drivetrain. His love for cars started back when he was 8-years old. He is attentive to detail and wants every angle to be perfect. Being a content writer (and a poet), he always makes sure that his blogs are easy to read as well as informative. He is also a PC enthusiast who likes to build PCs by himself and help others in doing so. He is an avid PC gamer. He plays other games too, but racing games like Forza, Need for Speed, Project Cars, etc. are his favorites. From this entire schedule, he takes out time to play guitar for fulfilling his music needs. He always makes sure to keep his enthusiasm, confidence, and happiness on the max level and is a workaholic.

Om Topale is a Technical Content Writer at Autobizz. He is an Automobile Engineer pursuing his higher studies. Quite from his young age, he is interested in knowing “what’s under the hood ?” Always been a learner he loves to dive deep into everything about cars. All-time Kishore Da fan plays keyboard in his free time and sketching cars is his favorite pastime. A mostly introverted person can change to the bold speaker when you say the word ‘Cars’.

Raj Patade is a junior blogger at Autobizz. He’s a Mechanical engineering study having a passion for cars from his childhood. A boy for whom cars aren’t just a bodywork placed over the Four wheels, but a piece of art concerned more about the horsepower produced, keeping the aerodynamics secondary. Always being hunting the best of the best technology used for the supercars. His blog focuses on the latest supercar stuff and unique content for the readers. Dedicating his whole life to cars, he’s also a football addict guy who plays weekend to Weekend keeping himself active. Also, a game addict person likes to play Valiant and others. A true petrolhead who’s ready to share car knowledge with you anytime, anywhere.

Aditya Somwanshi is an automobile engineer pursuing his further studies. Blogger by choice tech-savvy by habit. His enthusiasm can be seen in his blogs.

Prasad is a member of Autobizz. in the team. He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. He loves to know and compare technical aspects of cars and gather information about cars. He loves photography and nature very deeply. He loves to communicate and interact with new people. He is a sporty person, interested in most sports, and cricket is one of his favorites. Sporty and luxury car passionate him the most and he is always there to help the team.

Pushpak is a member of the Autobizz team. He pursuing a degree in CS i.e. company Secretary and B.com. He loves to gain knowledge about cars. Hobbies are sketching & calligraphy. He is passionate about the work as he is a car enthusiast