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10 Fastest Cars At Goodwood Festival Of Speed in 2022

The 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed brought a great weekend of racing to the world. With all sorts of celebrities, car debuts, and broken records, it was undoubtedly one for the history books. However, as with any race, there has to be a winner! So, here are the top 10 fastest cars at the 2022 Festival of Speed!

Fastest Cars At Goodwood FestivalTime
McMurty Speirling39.08 seconds
Porsche 718 GT4 ePerformance45.50 seconds
March 72845.64 seconds
Subaru GL Family Huckster46.20 seconds
Ford Pro Electric Supervan46.58 seconds
Jaguar XJR-12D47.32 seconds
H24 Green GT47.52 seconds
H24 Green GT47.52 seconds
First Corner FC1X47.94 seconds
Dodge Viper GTS-R48.96 seconds

1. McMurty Speirling – 39.08 seconds

The McMurty Speirling is an electric vehicle with a crazy, unique design that uses banned “fan car” technology to produce ludicrously high grip and downforce. As a result, it not only won the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, but it also shattered a track record that had been held by an actual F1 car for 23 years.
It accomplished the eye-watering feat of sprinting up the hill in just 39.08 seconds.

Overall, it appears like the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be a fantastic representation of both motorsports and the entire automotive industry. Although the future is moving toward electric vehicles, traditional internal combustion engines aren’t going away easily!

2. Porsche 718 GT4 ePerformance – 45.50

It’s no secret that Porsche will soon convert its legendary 718 family of cars to an all-electric powertrain. Even if this saddens many Porsche fans, they may at least find comfort in the fact that it is one of the fastest vehicles up the hill at Goodwood.

It clocks in at 45.50 seconds, placing second overall. But it lags behind first place remarkably far.

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3. March 728 – 45.64 seconds

The March 728 is an open-wheel racer that ranks in the top 10 fastest vehicles for the Goodwood event in 2022, joining the group of purpose-built racers.

It moves up the slope in under 45.64 seconds while emitting an exhilarating scream.

4. Subaru GL Family Huckster – 46.20 seconds

It’s amazing to see this crazy station waggon rally car with its insane active aero. Four body panels lift up each time the brakes are applied, increasing the stopping power. Even if the car is designed for speed, having Travis Pastrana at the wheel undoubtedly maximises its performance.

In just 46.20 seconds, this massive station waggon completed the Goodwood spring.

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5. Ford Pro Electric Supervan – 46.58 seconds

The top 10 fastest cars for the 2022 Goodwood event include a few cars that are quite surprising (no pun intended). Unquestionably, this is one of them.

A completely electric van designed with speed in mind is the Ford Pro Electric Supervan. This van was able to run up the slope in 46.58 seconds, so that also worked out perfectly.

Undoubtedly, the late, great Sabine Schmitz would be proud!

6. Jaguar XJR-12D – 47.32 seconds

This legendary Jaguar XJR-12D race vehicle, which is powered by a V12, is another holdout on the piston engine.
It works its way up the slope in just 47.32 seconds and screams fantastically.

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7. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – 47.44 seconds

A car with a long history in racing, like the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, is difficult to beat. While electric vehicles are indeed quick, the infamous screaming flat-six Porsche won’t give up easily.

It managed a time of 47.44 seconds!

8. H24 Green GT – 47.52 seconds

The Green GT is a hydrogen/electric race car that emphasises the utilisation of renewable resources.

Its electric power significantly contributed in its ability to sprint up the hill quickly, as is a recurring trend on this year’s Top 10 quickest Festival of Speed runs. The Green GT was only able to complete this task in 47.52 seconds.

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9. First Corner FC1X – 47.94 seconds

An electric rallycross vehicle is the FC1X. It is therefore not surprising to see it perform well on this course, which has sharp turns and wide straightaways.

It sped up the slope in just 47.94 seconds because to its all-wheel drive system and EV electric torque.

10. Dodge Viper GTS-R – 48.96 seconds

The Dodge Viper GTS-R is a street-legal variant of the iconic Dodge Viper. It is a racing vehicle that competes in prestigious competitions all over the world, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, and the FIA GT Championship racing series.

In the video uploaded to the Goodwood Road and Racing YouTube account, the V10 climbs the hill in 48.96 seconds while emitting a very hypnotic yet menacing hum.

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