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AS Gaming Car Collection & Net Worth | Sahil Rana Car Collection

AS Gaming Car Collection

AS Gaming Is Know To Own The Iconic Ford Mustang Which Comes With A Notable Price Tag Of Rs. 74 Lakhs

Sahil Rana is the real name of AS Gaming. He was created on April 20, 2004. As gaming is a well-known Indian Free Fire content producer, as we all know. Sahil Rana is his true name, and he is well-known for being an AS gamer. With 16.9 million subscribers, AS gaming is one of the biggest Free Fire YouTubers in India. His ranking as a Free Fire YouTuber is third. On his YouTube channel, AS Gaming Uploading makes videos for game openings, game highlights, and diamond-related content.

AS Gaming Car CollectionPrice (In USD)
Ford MustangRs. 74 Lakh

AS Gaming Net Worth – Rs. 15 Crore

His estimated Net Worth is 15 Crore to 17 Crore INR. After Total Gaming and Techno Gamers, AS Gaming is the third-largest YouTube channel in India to reach 10 million subscribers. Additionally, it is one of the most well-known creators of Free Fire content in India. As per reports, 15 million subscribers and 2 billion views on a YouTube channel. Sahil Rana also owns 4 other YouTube channels, and when all of those channels’ combined views are added up, they reach more than 5 billion.

1. Ford Mustang

The Mustang is a sports car with few, if any, weaknesses. Even though it’s not flawless, you get a lot of American muscle for your money at that price. The latest generation of the Mustang is an impressive vehicle in addition to having a long history and being an icon. He is the owner of American muscle car Ford Mustang and the cost of the car is around Rs 74 Lakh India. If you like this super performance machine then this car is perfect for you to spin on the streets of your city. Probably this is the coolest cars


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