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Countries With Best-Selling Electric Vehicles | Countries With The Most Electric Cars

Despite difficult circumstances and the pandemic’s negative impact on the automotive industry. Electric vehicles made an enormous breakthrough in many countries in 2020. The article will be listing countries by various aspects as follows.

Countries With Most Electric Cars

As per the global sales reports, China has the most passenger electric car sales worldwide in 2020. China dominates the list with 4.5 million electric vehicles which are 42% of the global fleet.

China also has the most number of light commercial vehicles and electric buses on road. With over 500,000 buses in 2019, 98% of the global stock, and 247,500 electric light commercial vehicles, 65 percentage of electric cars in the world. The most recent estimate shows that China has 1.8 million electric vehicles overall. China is also among the countries that produce the most electric cars

Europe comes second with accounting for 30% of the global sale. Germany is the leading European country with more than 700,000 plug-ins registered as of December 2020. Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Finland are next on the list.

The number of EV’s per capita

On a worldwide scale, China is the country with the most electric vehicles, with almost 1.8 million. But, which country leads in electric cars? However, when we sort it by per capita it is Norway that comes in first. Norway is racing ahead within the electric vehicles race, As per the report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Norway’s electric cars percentage almost 74.7% of new car sales within the country last year being either electric or hybrid vehicles. The country has 90 electric cars per 1000 inhabitants as of 2020.

Norway tops the list because of the country’s push to move away from traditional IC engines by 2025. To advance this approach, Norway has made battery-controlled vehicles excluded from the country’s import duty and VAT. And also exempt EV’s from paying tolls and parking fees.

Norway, Iceland and Sweden on the list with plug-in electric vehicles accounting for 74.7%, 45% and 32.2% respectively in 2020.

Country With The Most Hybrids ?

Hybrid vehicles are those with traditional IC engines with an electrical motor. And there is clear winner here, Japan. Europe has developed this technology but Japan has shown the most development in the hybrid sector. So, no surprise Japan is now home for the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in the world. 20% of all Japanese cars are Hybrid which totally counts 7.5 million.

Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are among the key players in the Hybrid vehicles sector which are also from Japan. Toyota has also been working with hybrid trucks and cars which includes Camry Hybrid, Avalon Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, Prius, etc.

Country With Most Number Of Charging Stations

Everybody realizes that the charging framework is vital to the advancement of electric versatility. It is not really surprising, at that point, that China earlier had 111,000 quick-charging stations by 2018, a world record! Which is like one charging station every 43.5 kilometers.

South Korea has 3910 charging stations for its 110,714 kilometers of streets, which works out to a normal of one station every 28.3 kilometers!

comparing it with France had just one charging station every 691.6 kilometers! Fortunately, the nation is beginning to make up for a lost time: today, France has one quick charging station every 378. (onestopfirearms.com) 5 kilometers.

Best-selling electric vehicle worldwide

It comes as no surprise the Tesla Model 3 has the lead, Model 3 remains the bestseller in the EV segment with 365,000 deliveries in 2020. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y contribute 60 percent of Tesla’s sales volume in 2020.  The Model 3 grabs 1st position by becoming a best seller in 19 countries.

Tesla Model 3 is followed by the Nissan leaf which is a bestseller in 9 countries worldwide. Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, BMW i8  Renault ZOE, BAIC EC Series, and Volkswagen e-Golf are among other best seller EV’s in the world.

Top EV manufacturers that are dominating the world

Top EV ManufacturersNo. of countries DominatingNo. of countries Dominating
Tesla19Model 3
BAIC6E-C series
Skoda2Citygo EV

Electric cars in India

As of India, it is nowhere to be seen in the list of the number of electric cars sold in India. India has very less no of Electric vehicle sales as compared to other established economies. But India is pushing the EV-sales by commercial vehicles and 2-wheelers.

In the electric four-wheeler segment, 3,400 units were sold in India in the financial year 2020. Which is 200 units less than that of FY2019 which was 3,600. Total EV sale in India is driven by two-wheelers (1.52 lakh units of two-wheelers, 3,400 cars and 600 buses).


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