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Kehlani Car Collection And Net Worth

Kehlani Car Collection

Kehlani Car Collection Includes Porsche Macan S and Chevrolet El Camino

Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Kehlani is originally from Oakland, California, and achieved initial fame as a member of the teen group Poplyfe in 2011. In 2014, Kehlani released their first commercial mixtape, Cloud 19. The following week, the singer released “Up at Night”, featuring Justin Bieber, as the third single from the album.

Kehlani Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Porsche Macan S$80,000
Chevrolet El Camino$50,000

Kehlani Net Worth – $6 Million

As of July 2022, Kehlani’s net worth is roughly $6 Million. Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, dancer, and songwriter from Oakland. She earned recognition through her band Poplyfe that finished at fourth place in the sixth season of ‘America’s Got Talent’. In this blog let us know about all the cars she own.

1. Porsche Macan S

An SUV powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine that adds emotion to daily life and delivers unadulterated performance on the road. Kehlani’s first vehicle was this Porsche. This Kehlani vehicle has 375 horsepower. With a 375 HP engine, the toy can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. It can go as fast as 160 mph.

2. Chevrolet El Camino

It has a vintage feel thanks to the Muscle in Kehlani’s garage. The vehicle has a standard 110 horsepower 3.8-liter Chevrolet V6 engine. She said her father would be thrilled if he were present and dedicated the Muscle to him. Chevrolet produced the coupé utility vehicle known as the El Camino between 1959 and 1960 and 1964 and 1987. Unlike a typical pickup truck, the El Camino’s cab and cargo bed were built into the body. It was based on the platform of a two-door Chevrolet station waggon.


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