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Kerala Boy Converts Maruti 800 Into Rolls Royce In Rs 45,000

Hadif, a kid from Kerala, converted a Maruti 800 into a little Rolls Royce. The complete change cost him Rs 45,000, and the video has received over 3 lakh views on YouTube.

In Kerala, a young car enthusiast stunned many by changing a Maruti 800 into a small Rolls Royce. Hadif, 18, performed this enormous job at his house, investing Rs 45,000 in the entire alteration procedure.

The story of Hadif’s incredible feat was posted on the ‘Tricks Tube’ YouTube channel. The movie, which has received over 300,000 views, shows Hadif’s passion for cars as well as his ability to create copies of luxury vehicles. Hadif, interestingly, designed the Rolls Royce-inspired insignia for his automobile himself.

Maruti 800 converted to rolls royce

Hadif diligently worked on the Maruti 800 for several months, entirely redesigning its look with a new body kit. He made considerable changes to the car’s interior and front end, replacing the original panel with a new one with a bolder, more sturdy look. The grille and headlights were influenced by Rolls Royce’s classic design.

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