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10 Cheapest Luxury Cars in the US Market are Cadillac ATS, Lexus IS, Jaguar XE, Lincoln MKZ, Infiniti Q50, BMW 2 Series, Genesis G70, Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Acura ILX, etc.

While sedans may not be selling as well as they once did, they will always hold a particular place in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts worldwide. Sedans have risen to the top of the luxury car market in terms of aesthetics and performance. As the cost of luxury crossovers falls to keep up with rising demand, the tried-and-true sedans appear to be getting more premium amenities. This means that even the most affordable premium sedans are significantly more expensive than their five-door rivals.

Cheapest Luxury CarsPrice (USD)
Acura ILX$25,900
Mercedes-Benz A-Class$32,500
Audi A3$33,300
Genesis G70$34,900
BMW 2 Series$35,300
Infiniti Q5$35,650
Lincoln MKZ$35,995
Jaguar XE$36,995
Lexus IS$38,560
Cadillac ATS$38,995

If you want to save money, you’re definitely better off buying an entry-level luxury crossover, but there are still several affordable luxury sedans that are well within the reach of the typical customer. The BMW 2 Series and the Genesis G70, both of which blend luxury and value that appears almost too good to be true, stand out the most among the ten automobiles on this list. You be the judge on the other eight.

The 10 cheapest luxury cars are listed below, ranging from most to least expensive.

1. Acura ILX: $25,900

Acura ILX: $25,900
Acura ILX: $25,900

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone that the cheapest car on this list is also the worst. Some luxury makes just aren’t able to produce a car for all us lay folk, but you’d think that Acura would be better suited than most. After all, their cars are typically priced lower than most luxury makes.

Despite this, the ILX is an underwhelming car. It’s got all the worst qualities of nearly all of the cars on this list, with hardly anything to spruce it up. It may look cool, but don’t be fooled. The ILX is the very definition of ‘meh.’

2. Mercedes-Benz A-Class: $32,500

Mercedes-Benz A-Class: $32,500
Mercedes-Benz A-Class: $32,500

Mercedes’ entry-level automobiles are constantly chastised, and with good cause. The CLA-Class, Benz’s lowest model, is constantly chastised, primarily for its front-wheel-drive powertrain and low-cost materials. The A-Class, on the other hand, does a little better, as it gets greater MPG and has a much nicer cabin.

While not as good as some of its competitors, notably in terms of performance, which US News & World Report describes as “stiff.” Mercedes will hopefully be able to produce a good, affordable car without sacrificing quality in the future, though the A-Class can be considered a step in the right direction.

3. Audi A3: $33,300

Audi A3: $33,300
Audi A3: $33,300

Get an A4 if you want an excellent, inexpensive Audi. Despite the fact that it costs $4k more than the A3, you get a significantly better car for the money. Meanwhile, the A3 is another another middle-of-the-road vehicle, one of which we’ve seen far too many on this list.

The A3 gets high gas mileage, but it’s also unreliable, claustrophobic, and has a poor interior. It feels like we’re repeating ourselves at this point.

4. Genesis G70: $34,900

The G70 is the entry-level product from Hyundai’s premium brand, Genesis. It’s another great automobile from a fantastic company. Who’d have guessed that Hyundai’s maiden attempt into luxury cars would garner so much attention so early in its life cycle? As luck would have it, Genesis’ three models have received a slew of positive reviews.

The G70, in particular, has been praised for its opulent interior, flawless performance, and for bringing Hyundai’s value-for-money attitude to its premium lineup. The G70, while not as sophisticated as its siblings, the G80 and G90, should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for a low-cost luxury vehicle.

5. BMW 2 Series: $35,300

Now, at least for the time being, we can get to the good stuff. BMW, more than any other car manufacturer on our list, has its entry-level models dialled in. The 2 Series is the company’s second-most affordable vehicle, but it’s a terrific little coupe with a lot of value.

Its best characteristic, like that of most BMW sedans, is its power and handling, which is, without a doubt, the best of any car on this list. BMW is known for its commitment to quality and performance, and the 2 Series is no exception. It also has excellent cabin materials, demonstrating that BMW does not cut corners when it comes to value.

6. Infiniti Q50: $35,650

Infiniti Q50: $35,650
Infiniti Q50: $35,650

Infiniti’s entry-level vehicles don’t have the finest reputation, with the QX30 being a classic example. In fact, it appears that Infiniti has been in a slump recently, maybe as a result of Nissan’s recent administrative and financial problems.

Nonetheless, the Q50 is a good value for money vehicle. The seats are comfortable, the V6 engine is powerful, and the vehicle handles well. Despite this, the gas mileage isn’t great, which is especially disappointing given that the hybrid version was recently retired. What’s going on?

7. Lincoln MKZ: $35,995

 Lincoln MKZ
Lincoln MKZ: $35,995

The Lincoln MKZ is one of the biggest cars on this list, and it’s also one of the few with a hybrid powertrain. In the case of the MKZ, you get more car for your money, but the car itself is a bit of a bore.

With inferior interior materials and a cabin that makes you feel like you’re in a sardine can, it lacks the same level of sophistication as previous Lincolns. Bigger doesn’t always mean more room, and the MKZ doesn’t offer much bang for your buck.

8. Jaguar XE: $36,995

Jaguar XE: $36,995
Jaguar XE: $36,995

The XE from Jaguar appears to be the finest value for money of the three we’ve discussed so far. It boasts a lot of standard amenities, is comfortable in the front, and, unlike the Lexus IS, has a large trunk.

It’s still a long way behind the G70 and 2 Series, but it’s a commendable effort. The back seat, though, is cramped and uncomfortable, and the infotainment system is a disappointment. This is likely to be one of the most popular complaints on this list. It does, however, get better-than-average MPG.

9. Lexus IS: $38,560

Lexus IS: $38,560
Lexus IS: $38,560

The IS is said to have a decent ride and a comfortable cabin, however it is significantly less than the ATS. However, the car’s trunk is small, and the infotainment system is tough to operate. This is a frequent pattern in many premium cars, where the quality of the touchscreen infotainment systems degrades as the price drops.

You’d think they’d just take a better version from one of their non-luxury brands and throw it in, but that’s not the case. The MPG of the IS isn’t fantastic either, and it only gets worse if you choose the sport mode.

10. Cadillac ATS: $38,995

Given GM’s penchant for cost-cutting, it’s surprising that Cadillac has the most expensive automobile on the list. It isn’t, however, the cheapest car in Cadillac’s portfolio, which is the XT4, a crossover that the firm is positioning as its entry-level model.

If you want a cheap Cadillac, you’re probably better off with the XT4, because the ATS is a rather terrible sedan. Critics criticise the vehicle’s poor gas mileage, inconsistent reliability, and cramped rear seat. That, and it’s no longer available as a four-door, only as a coupe.


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