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Largest Lamborghini Gathering in Malaysia, Genting Highlands! OVER 170 CARS!

When 168 Lamborghini vehicles congregate simultaneously in Malaysia, a new record is set, and it’s quite an astounding sight.

On March 1, Resorts World Genting and Lamborghini Owners Malaysia (LOM), a supercar club, created history.

Supercar aficionados and Lamborghini owners gathered for a spectacular procession that included a convoy of Raging Bulls winding through the picturesque roadways of Ulu Kali Mountain.

  • A new record has been set in Malaysia
  • 168 Lamborghinis came together at the same time – the most ever
  • And they did so at the highest recorded altitude, making automotive history

The roars and revs of the elite engines attracted attention, and it also produced some pretty amazing noises.

As they arrived at Resorts World Genting, an outstanding line-up of vintage Lamborghinis and rare models awaited them in the Genting Grand parking lot.

Three vehicles were spotted: the Murcielago, Aventador SVJ, and Urus SUV, one of which is available at SBX Cars.

Paluan Kompang performances, or traditional lion dances, accompanied the supercars.

In the process, LOM actually set a second record.

In addition to having the greatest collection of Lamborghinis—168 in all—they also won another accolade.

At 1,865 m (6,119 ft) above sea level, it was the highest altitude Lamborghini gathering to date.

The entire LOM community received a certificate from the Malaysian Book of Records in recognition of their extraordinary accomplishment. Judging by the photos, they appeared to have a great time creating it.

Although it’s a speciality record, it’s still theirs.

The previous record for the largest gathering was likewise held by LOM.

112 Lamborghinis convened at the open-air parking lot of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) on June 11, 2022.

If you’re just a regular supercar aficionado, you’ll appreciate seeing the $50 million worth of supercars that fans line Miami’s streets with.

Supercars also went over Dubai Town in an amazing show of automotive technology amidst the buildings.

And as if that wasn’t already a great treat for the day, the occasion was capped off with a lavish supper known as “The Bulls Night” in the evening.

The Genting International Showroom hosted a sophisticated evening featuring a glamorous dress code that saw guests dressed in evening gowns and tuxedos.

Attendees were treated to musical and dance performances alongside fashion exhibits in the genuine spirit of Lamborghini’s unmistakable design.


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