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Goons in BMW attack family in Greater Noida

In another case of road rage, four men in a BMW chased a car for several kilomeetres late at night in Greater Noida, the neighbouring city of Delhi. The incident was caught on the car’s dashboard camera, and a terrified family, reportedly on their way to the hospital, can be heard calling for help.

The incident happened on the Greater Noida Motorway last week on May 2 at around one in the morning. A BMW sedan that was travelling on the incorrect side of the road passed a Ford EcoSport. The approaching sedan passed the driver’s side of the EcoSport from the other direction, just missing it by a hair’s breadth. The driver of the EcoSport chose not to respond, but the BMW made a U-turn and started to follow the vehicle.

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When the driver noticed that the vehicle was being pursued, the BMW passed the EcoSport and came to a stop in front of it at a Y-junction on the deserted road. Three men exited the vehicle and made their way over to it. The victim of road rage decided to leave in order to avoid conflict.

The pursuit continued, with the victim driving at high speeds. While one man was giving the driver directions to their destination, the hospital, a terrified woman could be heard calling for assistance. After four minutes, the BMW passed the car once more. The co-driver of the BMW and two of the passengers in the back seat exited the car, hurling bottles at the EcoSport as they charged. In order to get away from the potentially dangerous situation, the victim quickly made a sharp U-turn and reversed his car. The driver remained composed and did not panic.

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The occupants of the EcoSport can be heard saying, “Stop at the police station…stop at the police station.” The incident lasted for 10 minutes on a deserted expressway.


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