Monday, April 22, 2024

Ford Mustang Crashes into Pickup after Driver Attempts A Burnout

The skill of Ford Mustang drivers never ceases to amaze us, and the man behind the wheel of this particular example, finished in a vivid shade of green, had a very difficult day.

The driver of the Mustang can be seen stopping in the middle of the road to perform a burnout in a video that was recently posted to the IdiotsInCars channel on Reddit. The Ford accelerates quickly, spinning up its rear tyres but also appearing to be burning through its clutch at the same time.

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The Ford starts to pull away as the driver gradually releases the brake, leaving a massive smoke trail and making a lot of noise. But only a few seconds later, the Mustang’s back end violently kicks out to the right, and the vehicle slams into the back of a black pickup truck that was stopped by the side of the road.

It’s difficult to determine the exact extent of the Mustang’s damage because the video abruptly ends. We can, however, state with certainty that if the car is ever to return to the roads in a presentable state, the front end will need some significant repairs.

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The most likely cause of the accident is that the Ford’s driver simply got a little too excited with their right foot and wasn’t expecting the Mustang to suddenly and unexpectedly kick out its tail.

The fact that the driver performed the burnout in the middle of a residential area while onlookers, including a young child, were present only serves to emphasise the level of stupidity on display. The motorist is lucky to have only collided with another vehicle and not a person.


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