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Watch: 100 Days Building A Mercedes Vision AVTR For My Son’s Birthday

Watching skilled woodcarvers use nature to create something original is relaxing. The wood is whittled, carved, and finished into exquisite shapes and pieces. This distinction is earned by the most recent work from the ND – Woodworking Art YouTube channel, which is more than just a toy replica of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept. It’s a birthday gift that can move on its own.

The chassis assembly is the first scene in the video, which documents the entire 100-day build. Before the suspension, which consists of 14-inch wheels and real tires, is attached, the frame is welded together. The fact that the front suspension even has shocks shows how much effort this father put into buying his son a birthday present.

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Rugged wood fragments that loosely define the car’s shape allow it to slowly come together piece by piece. The wooden car begins to resemble the real-life concept as a chainsaw helps cut it down. The car is incredibly detailed throughout, including the functioning light-up bionic flaps that were part of the concept. Of course, that’s not everything.

Additionally, the wooden car has automatic doors that open and a large number of LEDs both inside and outside that mimic the lighting of a real car. Like the 2020 concept car, the toy even has LED wheel covers. It is an exact replica of the breathtaking idea in wooden form.

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Mercedes drew inspiration from the first Avatar movie for its autonomous design. The design of the car and the technology used in it, such as the organic battery cell chemistry based on graphene, were both influenced by the film. The wooden toy also lacks a steering wheel, but the concept also placed an emphasis on autonomy. The concept was unveiled by the automaker at CES in 2020.

The father picks up his son from school in the finished wooden replica in the final scene of the video, which should be treasured as a gift. The video serves as yet another illustration of how far beyond the makes and models coming off automakers’ assembly lines, car culture exists. This is one method of introducing cars to a younger generation.


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