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200cc Bajaj-Triumph Bike Price To Be Rs 2 Lakh In India

Bajaj and Triumph officially announced their alliance on January 24, 2020, at a press conference. The result of the businesses’ collaboration will be motorcycles whose production will be handled by Bajaj and branding will be handled by Triumph.

According to the official information available, Bajaj and Triumph will debut an all-new 200cc single-cylinder bike with an ex-showroom price tag of roughly INR 2 lakhs, with the motorcycle expected to arrive at dealerships in 2023.

It has also been established that all motorcycles created as part of the collaboration will be sold under the Triumph brand, with Bajaj handling only manufacture at its Chakan plant in Pune. The collaboration is also expected to produce motorcycles with displacements ranging from 200cc to 750cc.

Aside from that, the partnership between Bajaj and Triumph will give birth to an entirely new motorcycle platform, albeit no official specifics have been disclosed.

The new motorcycles are believed to be neo-retro cruisers with well-engineered designs, as they are slated to be positioned in Triumph’s “Heritage” category in the brand’s portfolio. The motorcycles created by the collaboration will be sold in overseas markets as well.

There has been no formal confirmation of what kind of motorcycle versions would be built as a result of the collaboration, however retro cruisers appear to be a strong possibility. When they are released in India, the neo-retro cruisers from Bajaj and Triumph will compete with manufacturers such as Honda, Royal Enfield, and Jawa.

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