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7 Don’ts For A Automatic Transmission Vehicle

These Are The 7 Things You Should Never Do In A Automatic Vehicle | Things Not To Do In A Automatic Transmission Vehicle

Automatic Transmission is been famous and is loved by many people due to the convenience it provides to drivers. It is easy to learn compared to manual transmission and is also more beginner friendly. However, As easy as it may seem, some bad habits could ruin the automatic transmission. And once it gets damaged, you’ll find yourself having to replace parts to repair it. The life of a car depends upon how the driver drives it. Being too sloppy or too harsh on your car while driving will reduce its life by a few years. In this blog we’ve made a list of 7 Things You Should Never Do In A Automatic Vehicle.

1. Do Not Launch From Neutral To Drive

Do Not Launch From Neutral To Drive
Do Not Launch From Neutral To Drive

Whenever you go or launch the vehicle, do it in a sane way unless your car has a real Launch control. Don’t just drop from Neutral t o drive. It may seem cool way to launch, people build a rev and then go Boom !. However, this has serious risks, in some of the cases, even the Torque converter blows away in some cases. Most people don’t know, how a transmission actually works, They are scary and complicated, Its not like a robot that just shifts a manual transmission for you, they are totally different. They have valved bodies and planetary gears instead of normal gears and a standard clutch. If you suddenly slam in into ger you aren’t just releasing the clutch, you are suddenly engaging a bunch of components and putting a ton of stress on them.

2. Do Not go from Drive to Reverse

Do Not go from Drive to Reverse

Never go from Drive to Reverse while moving or from Reverse straight to Drive, always come to a stop first. Lets consider a example here of a ceiling fan, and imagine grabbing a blade and trying to make it move in other direction, that will surely be awful. Same goes to the transmission, there’s all this stuff spinning around which has a inertia. So, always stop the vehicle before switching to Drive or Reverse, let all that inertia settle down before changing the direction.

3. Do Not Park The Vehicle While Moving

Do Not Park The Vehicle While Moving

The Parking gear or ‘Park’ in an automatic transmission is just a little pin that hold the drive shaft still. It’s not actually like a real break. Hence, just like above, do not shift the vehicle in parking gear unless it is stopped.

4. Do Not Coast In Neutral

Do Not Coast In Neutral

Coasting in Neutral can be explained as travelling either with the clutch pedal held down or with the car in neutral. This can seriously overheat the engine and also get you arrested in some states. The reason for the law is that coasting down a hill is unsafe as it prevents a driver from making a sudden movement to avoid a hazard or emergency. Coasting also restricts one from braking. Therefore, prevent coasting in Neutral as much as possible.

5. Do Not Switch To Neutral On The Stop-Light

Do Not Switch To Neutral On The Stop-Light
Do Not Switch To Neutral On The Stop-Light

Disengaging at a stoplight may seem suitable for you transmission, but the truth is, it is actually the worse. Automatics dont work like Manuals, when you shift in Neutral, you aren’t fully disengaging the engine, you might be stopping all the important fluids from flowing. Your cars automatic transmission is designed to disengage when you are at a stop, in fact, it does for you. You don’t have to do anything except to stay on the brake. Moreover, when the light goes from red to green, you cannot move the vehicle as it will be in Neutral, hence, you need to only use the breaks and accelerator.

6. Use Your Parking Brake

Use Your Parking Brake
Use Your Parking Brake

Like said before, the park setting in your Automatic transmission is not the strongest thing in the world, its just like a pin holding the drive shaft. There is a much better way to keep you car parked other than the parking gear, It is Brakes. Not only do they hold better, but are also easy to replace when they wear out. Anyone would recommend repairing the brakes by just tightening a cable rather than removing the transmission.

7. Do Not Tow An Automatic Car With Wheels On The Ground

Do Not Tow An Automatic Car With Wheels On The Ground

Even in Neutral, an Automatic transmission is still engaged, which means, the parts still spin around. However, when the engine is off, there’s no fluid circulating and therefore, its components are not staying cool and lubricated. So, if you tow a vehicle that has an automatic transmission, you will risk overheating the transmission if the drive wheels are on the ground. However, this will not be true for all the models, some models do fully disengage the driveline when in Neutral and you should be fine for very short distances.

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