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Android Auto New Update Explained !

Android Auto is a name that stands out among some of the most desired features onboard modern vehicles. Google’s Android Auto, which debuted in 2015 as a utility software, has evolved into one of the best car infotainment platforms. And, just in time for the holidays, Google has released a long-awaited upgrade for the platform, and here’s all you need to know.

What’s New With AndroidAuto?

Google’s Android Auto

Android Auto’s latest update brings in a host of new features that can make the platform more intuitive, exciting, and fun to have. Among some of the most prominent feature additions, our favorites include:

  • Automatic Launch
    Now as soon as your phone connects to your vehicle, you can set up an Android Auto to automatically start, rather than you doing it.
  • Dual Sim Support
    Gone are they days when you weren’t able to select the SIM you want to use while making a call from your dual SIM phone. Android Auto’s latest update brings the much needed dual SIM support to the platform, that lets user chose the preferred SIM for making calls.
  • Smart Replies
    A smart feature that works in collaboration with the Google Assistant, Smart Replies makes it easier for you to respond to incoming messages. The Smart Reply feature shows users suggested replies for all incoming messages, just like on your android phone.
  • Quick Play For Music
    One of the many convenience updates, Android Auto’s latest update also lets users quickly start grooving to music from their favorite apps, without the need of opening it first. Additionally, users can also search for music, via voice commands, just by saying the artist’s name or song.
  • Digital Car Key
    For quite a long time, iPhones were capable enough to be used as digital car keys. Google too has buckled up in its latest update. If you happen to own a BMW car and also a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Google Pixel, then you can use your device to unlock, lock, and start your vehicle via your device’s UWB chip. The feature however will be limited to certain countries and phones for a while.


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