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‘Aquaman’ actor, Jason Momoa, involved in Crash with Motorcyclist

Jason Momoa, a well-known Hollywood actor, was involved in an accident over the weekend. In Los Angeles, the actor avoided a head-on collision with a motorcycle.

The Hollywood actor was allegedly driving on Ola Topanga Canyon Road in the vicinity of Calabasas. Before 11 a.m. on Sunday, the event took place while a motorcycle was in the opposing lane. The bike crashed with Momoa’s 1970 Oldsmobile head-on after crossing the centre line of the road. The car was utilised in his 2021 Sweet Girl Netflix film.

The Oldsmobile 442 used in the film is a classic muscle car produced by Oldsmobile between the 1964 and 1987 model years. The “4-4-2” name (pronounced “Four-four-two”) derives from the original car’s four-barrel carburettor, four-speed manual transmission, and dual exhausts.

The Pontiac’s GTO sold so well that the Oldsmobile team quickly put together a performance package for the F-85 in order to get a model on showroom floors for the same ’64 model year. By 1968 the 442 option was so popular that when the second generation car debuted, the 442 became its own standalone model.

The impact of the collision caused the rider to briefly fly into the air. The biker hit the windshield of the car but he managed to land on his feet. The rider suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital by emergency services. The biker had hurt his thumb and bruised his leg because of the collision.

The video footage obtained by TMZ also shows the emergency personnel and multiple motorcyclists who gathered at the spot. Jason Momoa appeared unharmed in that video and was spotted walking back to his vehicle. No charges have been filed in the crash.

The 42-year-old Jason Momoa also loves to ride motorcycles. He has a collection of motorcycles and loves to ride motorcycles. He recently shared a glimpse of his Harley-Davidson collection to promote the unscripted docuseries ‘On The Roam’.

Jason Momoa Loves Vintage Cars

Momoa loves vintage motorcycles and cars. He owns a garage full of such automobiles. He also gifted a beautifully modified vintage Ford Mustang to his girlfriend. He also owns a vintage Land Rover Defender, Harley Davidson Softail Slim, Ford F-150 EV, BMW R Nine T scrambler, old-generation Range Rover, Aston Martin DB5U, Cadillac, and multiple vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.

There is a special Jason Momoa Harley Davidson Collection as well. The iconic American motorcycle brand offers a slew of products under Jason Momoa’s line of collection. This includes jackets, apparel like shirts, t-shirts, and riding pants. Momoa came to the limelight after series like Games of Thrones became popular. He also appeared in comic movies like the Aquaman. Currently, the American actor is working on another edition of Aquaman that will be released in the next few months.



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