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10 Bad Riding Habits Which Are Killing Your Motorcycle And It’s Engine Life

Whether you are a new rider or an experienced rider, we often make mistakes that welcome problems to our bike and it’s engine. Riding a motorcycle is one of the most rewarding and fun means of getting around our congested streets. Whether as a hobby or out of necessity, the increasing number of bikes on our roads also means that there are more and more accidents that will likely happen. Bad or wrong riding skill also makes the motorcycle and it’s engine lifeless. In this blog, we’ve made a list of 10 bad riding habits which in return damage your bike and reduces it’s engine life.

  • Speed breaker riding habit
  • Half clutch riding habit
  • Great charge habit
  • Using with presses clutch
  • Front and rear brake press riding
  • Starting with higher gears
  • Right gear as per engine cc and speed
  • Overloading
  • Tyre pressure
  • Periodic maintenance

1. Speed Breaker Riding

Often while riding a bike, when we encounter a speed breaker, we usually reduce the speed, but at the same time do not downshift the gears. Furthermore, after crossing the speed breaker, we accelerate the vehicle at the same gear position. Due to this, there is more stress and load created on the engine and it reduces it’s life. In addition, it also damages the great box and clutch. On the other side, people also cross the speed breaker at high speeds, if done more often, damages the suspension of the bike.

2. Pressing Half Clutch

Usually many people adopt the habit of riding a bike with a half clutch. They continue riding the bike while lightly pressing the clutch. This type of mistake damages the clutch plate and reduces it’s life.

3. Gear Change

While riding, while changing the gear people unintentionally press only half of the clutch and chage the gear. Due to this, the friction between the teeth the gear box increases and so the wear and tear also increases.

4. Idling With Pressed Clutch

Usually, when stuck in traffic, we stop the vehicle and keep the engine running with the clutch pressed. If this is done more often, it creates more stress and load on the engine and damages it reducing its life. This can be prevented by keeping the engine running with the great bring in neutral position rather than pressing the clutch.

5. Using Brake Pedal

This is also one of the bad habits adopted by mistakely by many people. Some people ride the bike with the front brake pressed lightly or the rear brake pressed lightly. This damages the brake pads of the bike and mileage is also affected as the power produced by the engine is not used to its fullest.

6. Starting With Higher Gears

One of the bad habit of many people, when vehicle is at idle position, while starting it many people do not shift down the gears, rather than they start accelerating the bike at the same higher gears. Each gear has a different gear ratio and each gear is made for rotating in different speeds and this, it damages the engine and clutch and reduces its life. Always down shift the gears before starting to accelerate ( 1st or 2nd gear ).

7. Right Gear At Right Time

Many people have adopted the habit to change a gear when they hear a roaring sound. Moreover, many people don’t know which gear to put at which speed. Always shift to correct gear at correct speed.

8. Overloading

Overloading is one of the most seen bad habits in India. Usually a motorcycle it a scooter is made for 2 people to ride on it simultaneously. However, many people ride with 3 or 4 people in a single bike. This mostly damages the engine, it increases stress and load on the engine. Moreover, it is also not safe to ride with 3 or 4 people at a same time.

9. Tyre pressure

Riding a bike with low tyre pressure is also one of the most seen had habits. This causes a stress on the engine to move the weight of the passenger with a low tyre pressure.

10. Periodic Maintenance

Many people buy their favourite bike or vehicle but don’t pay through attention on the maintenance and repairing of the vehicle. As instructed by the company, the vehicle must be serviced and periodic maintenance parts should be changed in recommended time.


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