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Top 8 Best Bikes In GTA Game

8 Most Memorable Bikes In GTA!

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular video games of all time. The finest element of every GTA game, which was played by millions, was the freedom. It definitely made us feel like we were living a parallel existence! One of my favourite things to do was to ride around the cities. So here’s a rundown of the eight most iconic bikes in Grand Theft Auto!

1. Freeway

The big daddy, Freeway, was a hefty cruiser to begin with. It was almost certainly inspired by a Harley Davidson motorcycle from the 1990s. The Freeway was sluggish at first, but it quickly picked up speed. It is one of the quickest bikes in GTA due to its peak speed.

2. PCJ-600

The PCJ-600 was built on a late-eighties GSX-600. It wasn’t the quickest, but it was fast enough. The PCJ-600’s agile handling and precision braking were its strongest features.

3. Faggio

Faggio is a quirky scooter based on the Vespa. It is not the quickest of the motorcycles, but it is enough for getting around the city. Take a Faggio down the shore to get the most out of it!

4. Sanchez

Sanchez, GTA’s dirt bike, is ideally suited for off-road riding. It climbs tough terrain with ease because to its long travel suspension and decent low-end torque. Personally, I like jumping this bike off of several city ramps!

5. FCR-900

The fastest bike in GTA, the FCR-900 was based on the Ducati 900ss. It was used in quite a few missions for chasing people. It was available in a street-fighter version as well as a fully faired variant.

6. Angel

This was one of the official gangster bikes of GTA. A chopper style motorcycle, the Anger was pretty similar to the Freeway. Consider it to be a stripped-down, lighter version of the Freeway.

7. NRG-900

In GTA, the NRG was available in two versions, both based on the Suzuki GSX1000. There is a street version for city and highway use, as well as a track version (NRG-900RR). The track version was a mind-blowing machine, with much more power than the road version.

8. Hellfury

The Hellfury, another chopper, was quite similar to the Freeway. The Hellfury’s wheels were extended a long way in front of it, making it difficult to control. The Hellfire’s extended wheelbase ensured that it was quite stable at high speeds, making it ideal for highway chases and drag races!

So here were a few bikes in GTA that we deeply miss! Let us know in the comments which of these was your favourite!


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