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Richard Grieco Motorcycle Collection | Motorcycle Collection Richard Grieco

Richard Grieco is recognised for his badass action sequences and excellent painting abilities, but he is also known for his love of motorcycles. The media has frequently photographed the former fashion model riding his bicycles. His taste for “abstract emotionalism,” as he likes to describe it, is evident in the road monsters he owns. The multi-talented artist is believed to possess a couple Harley-Davidson motorcycles, two Indian motorcycles, and a Triumph motorbike. When questioned about his enthusiasm for motorcycles, the actor didn’t hold back. He admitted to falling in love with these wonderful monsters when he was just seven years old! Yes, you read that correctly… Detective Dennis Booker of Fox began riding motorcycles at the age of seven, starting with an Ossa 125.

The actor enjoys riding his antique motorcycles around Los Angeles. Supercross and Moto GP are two of his favourite sports. Given Richard’s extensive career history, it wouldn’t surprise us if the lead musician from “Waiting for the Sky to Fall” opted to pursue professional motorcycle racing in the future.

1. 1990 Harley Davidson Springer

One of the most well-known Harleys from the 1990s is the Springer. The V2 four-stroke engine on the Sport-Touring Softail fired up the bike while howling like a beast. At 5000 RPM, the antique beauty produced 49.0 horsepower. With a displacement height of roughly 81 cubic inches, the bike appeared to be a touch low sat, but it was really well positioned. The Harley D has an 88.8 x 108.0 mm bore x stroke. The Springer’s chassis included a highly efficient 5-speed transmission as well as an air-based cooling system for the engine. The bike’s designers paid close attention to safety features. On both the front (MT 90-21) and back (MT 90-16) tyres, strong disc brakes were mounted.

The bike was macho, charismatic, and stylish. It weighed over 640 pounds and had a fuel capacity of nearly 4.2 gallons. This Harley has a distinct flair that set it apart from the crowd. It’s no surprise that it’s Richard’s personal favourite among his own collection – and that’s no exaggeration. “It’d be like a 1990 Springer rebuilt to appear like a knucklehead,” the actor said when asked what his ideal bike would look like.

2. 1996 Triumph Tiger 500

The 1996 Triumph Tiger 500 is the second-best and a pretty unusual item in Richard Grieco’s vintage collection. In the 1990s, the Tiger series was extremely popular. With each model announcement, the elegant bike with robust wheels and a strong Triumph engine became the buzz of the town. The Tiger 900 was, of course, the best-selling model in the series at the time. The designation, on the other hand, was solely dependent on the engine’s output. Although the 900cc engine was widely favoured over the 500cc, they were both carved from the same rock.

The Tiger possessed quick feet despite his weight of almost 460 pounds. The bad boy was meticulously engineered to deliver a smooth ride. It was anyone’s bike, with a displacement of around 33.5 inches. With its amazing power producing capabilities, the beast provided value to returns. On the exterior, this adaptable tourer shared the BMW R1150GS’ rear wheel. The Tiger is recognised for being able to round a sharp corner with moderate ease. With its smooth transitional abilities and simple shifting between gears, the old boy is a comfortable ride-for-all kind bike.

3. 1941 Indian Scout

In the pre-World War period, the Scout series was the premium motorcycle series all over the world. The Indian Motorcycle Company built these historic motorbikes predominantly between 1920 and 1949, and they have been regarded to be the greatest Indian motorcycles ever utilised. Despite being launched earlier, these bad boys truly attracted the public’s attention when they were transformed and turned into heavier monsters in 1932. The military forces of numerous countries have used these bad boys because of their power and adaptability. The Scout was finally phased out of civilian manufacture in 1942, but not before it had become a household name.

A sport version of the bike – the antique treasure held by Richard – was created in response to the overwhelming demand for these animals. The 101 Scout is around 15 pounds heavier than this variant. A lighter frame, girder forks, alloy cylinder heads, and better carburetion are all included. The Scout, a type of icon, is a superb representation of the rugged and muscular Indian motorcycles of the past. It celebrates the finest of pre-World War I Indian motorcycles, and it’s no surprise that Richard Grieco is a devotee.


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