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Cadillac Flying Car, Autonomous Bus Concepts To Inspire Future Designs

There could be a lot more tech in tomorrow’s cars.

By the end of the decade, Cadillac aspires to be a totally electrified brand. It’s a lofty objective that’s only getting started. Lyriq production will begin early this year, followed by the Celestiq sedan, but what will come after that? Cadillac won’t reveal, but in a new interview with Automotive News, the firm does hint at where its design inspiration for future models may come from.

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The luxurious new Cadillacs will be inspired by a number of recent concepts, including a single-passenger vertical take-off and landing vehicle, an autonomous shuttle, and a self-driving all-electric coupe. The interior area, which would need to be reimagined if completely driverless automobiles become a reality, will be a major component of those future products. Cadillac will have to rethink what passengers will do in a vehicle when they aren’t driving.

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Customers want “something drastically new” from electric vehicles, according to Joe Baker, creative interior design manager for GM’s advanced design team. To make a car feel modern and luxurious, automakers may need to do more than just add giant screens to the cabin. PersonalSpace, SocialSpace, and, crucially, InnerSpace will all play a role in determining those designs and features at Cadillac.

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Cadillac’s InnerSpace concept focused on creating a sublime and inviting interior experience for a luxurious autonomous vehicle. Cadillac made technology a crucial part of that concept, with AI software adding a layer of personalization that could tune the music, temperature, and other vehicle settings. The vehicle would be capable of monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure and using that data to determine your mood and what vehicle setting you might want.

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Source: Automotive News


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