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2023 Nissan Z Production Could Begin In March With Sales In June

An alleged dealer memo posted online shows a Nissan Z timeline.

Here’s a basic rundown of the Nissan Z’s history. The world received its first official teaser of a new Nissan sportscar in May 2020. Let’s fast forward a few months to September 2020, when the Z Proto was introduced. Nissan described it as a “near-production prototype” that was “very close to manufacturing.” It was a virtual clone of the Proto when the official Z eventually broke cover over a year later, in August 2021.

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We’re about to enter March 2022, and the 400-horsepower Z is still nowhere to be found. Nissan has been hesitant to commit to an on-sale date, but the automaker may have been compelled to do so by a Nissan dealership. According to a recent post on the New Nissan Z forum, a schedule from an undisclosed Nissan store outlines the Z’s next few months. If the information is correct, production should begin in March and sales should begin in June.

The extended response provides a little more information, but not in terms of particular dates. We’re currently in a pre-launch period, according to the purported chronology. Nissan’s extravagant Super Bowl commercial, which prominently features the Z in an action-style film, supports this theory. Following the start of manufacturing in March, media first drives are anticipated for April, which could coincide with the New York Auto Show, which runs from April 15 to April 24. In May, a Nissan North America field meeting is scheduled, followed by sales in June and the debut of a marketing campaign in August.

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Nissan was contacted by Motor1.com with the hopes of confirming the information, but the carmaker declined to comment.

We already know that the new Z will be out this year. That much is known, but with the entire car industry still beset by chip shortages, pinpointing a specific timeline for Z manufacturing may be more difficult than it appears. When you factor in the worldwide ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the auto market is certainly volatile right now. If our first impressions of the Z Proto are any indication, it should be a mouthwatering performance machine well worth the wait.

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