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Bike Companies Name, History, Logos

Intresting Backstory Of These Bike Companies

For petrolheads, the emblem and brand are enough to identify the best-performing two-wheelers. Some bike brands are so well-known that everyone recognises them, whether they are bike aficionados or not. These logos and names are what distinguish and popularise these bike companies. However, if you consider yourself a true bike enthusiast, you may be intrigued about the origins of your favourite bike company’s emblem and name. This article features Three of the most well-known bike companies, as well as the history and explanations for their names and logos!


Bike Companies Name, History, Logos

This motorcycle manufacturer boasts the most attractive name and emblem in the market. Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons launched the company in 1925. It’s not difficult to see that the term ‘Ducati’ is derived from the names of the company’s founders. The original Ducati logo consists of two ‘S’ characters crossing one other above an electrical symbol. The business began with radio capacitors. The new logo in 1931 shows ‘Ducati’ within a rectangle, reflecting the company’s expansion and growth.

The Ducati emblem, which resembles an inverted red-colored triangle, has a modern appeal. The Ducati writing with a dazzling curving line is located within the triangle. The speedy abilities of Ducati’s bikes are represented by this curve line.

Harley Davidson

Bike Companies Name, History, Logos

Since the first Harley motorcycle was unveiled in 1910, the company’s emblem has undergone countless revisions. But in the centre of each design is a finely sculpted shield with a letter bar spelling out Harley Davidson. The winged form, with spread out eagle wings, did not exist until 1934, symbolising liberation and the freedom to wander wherever the bike leads you. Regardless matter the version, the emblem has become a worldwide cult icon, with many admirers tattooing it on their bodies.


Bike Companies Name, History, Logos

The innovative name and logo design of BMW has set the standard for the rest of the car industry. The full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, which stands for Bavarian Engine Works Company. BMW was founded in the German state of Bavaria, hence the name. The phrase also refers to the brand’s original product line, which consisted of engines for various uses. It’s worth noting that BMW didn’t have a logo throughout its early years. The BMW emblem is a blue sky with white propeller blades. In a nutshell, it serves as a reminder that the company began as a military aircraft engine builder. Furthermore, the combination of white and blue is linked to the brand’s Bavarian history.

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