Cheap & Free Car Mods Anyone Can Do !!


There are a huge number of modifications one can do to his car. Like crazy coilovers, insane exhausts, badass blowers, and some super obnoxious sound systems. However, these could cost you thousands of dollars, and many people blow ridiculous amounts of money modding their cars, which would not be a wise financial decision for most of us. But in this blog, we’ve made a list of 5 Cheap and Free Car Mods Anyone Can Do.

Cheap Car Modifications Anyone Can Do | 5 Best Budget Car Modifications Anyone Can Do

1. Colour Headlights Films

Colour Headlights Films
Colour Headlights Films

One of the most complex processes of blacking out the headlamp and tail lamp lens by involving heat treatment (actual smoking). Most custom smoked headlamps/tail lamps nowadays don’t use smoking anymore. They instead prefer to dismantle the headlamp assembly and spray-paint the inner surfaces of the headlamps and tail lamps. If you want to add some luscious color to your lamps, you can pick up some coloured films for as little as 10 bucks. All you need is a squeegee, a heat gun, and a Exacto knife.

2. Throttle Cable Adjustment

Throttle Cable Adjustment
Throttle Cable Adjustment

Everyone have dreams about cruising around in a brand new Lamborghini Diablo, but when you stomp on the gas in your old rust bucket do you ever notice, it takes a little long to start accelerating. Your throttle cable probably needs to be tightened. In older cars, the throttle cable tends to get loosened up over time and this can cause your gas pedal to be less responsive since it’s not rotating the throttle switch unless you put the foot down on the floor. All you need to do is grease up those elbows, grab a 12 mm wrench and pop the hood and what you should see are two nuts that are holding the throttle cable in place. Just adjust the position of those nuts until that throttle cable is nice and taut, and enjoy a better throttle response.

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3. Rain Visors

Rain Visors
Rain Visors

What do you do when you need some fresh air, but it’s raining outside heavily and you don’t want to get your interior wet, you just need some rain visors. You can get a set for your doors for around 35 bones and they take roughly 10 minutes to install. These visors have an adhesive strip on the bottom that lets you just stick them on top of your door.

4. Upgrade Your Headlights

Upgrade Your Headlights
Upgrade Your Headlights

Many accidents take place due to low visibility and unclear vision. Hence, you should at least consider upgrading your headlights. You can find nice set of LEDs online for around 30 bucks, which will dramatically improve your visibility. Most cars come standard with halogen headlamps which get the job done, but, upgrade the LEDs and you will notice the difference immediately. These are brighter, they cast a wider pattern and their light is whiter than the light produced by halogen and plus, they use less energy. All these benefits for just 30 bucks.

5. Shift Knob

Shift Knob
Shift Knob

One of the coolest custom touches you can put on the interior, however, you won’t enjoy this much on an automatic. When you are driving a manual, your hands are continuously resting on the shifter, so why not upgrade the shifter. You can get a nice leather one, which not only feels great on your hands, but it looks like a part as well. Or, you can get a rubber one, which will provide you with some extra grip health. You can find one of these on Amazon or any other e-commerce site at a starting price of 15 bucks.

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