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CNG Cars Safety And Maintenance Tips

CNG Car Care Tips You Must Know

Automobiles have long been a popular means of mobility. Following the pandemic, their significance has grown even more. The number of vehicles sold has increased significantly. However, as gasoline prices rose, driving a car became more expensive. As a result, many individuals are considering purchasing a CNG vehicle because they provide good mileage and are inexpensive to operate. Purchasing a CNG vehicle is no longer sufficient. You must also take care of it. In today’s article, we’ve compiled a list of CNG maintenance suggestions that can help you extend the life of your vehicle.

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1. Never Use Unauthorised CNG Kits

Govt To Allow Retrofitting Of CNG Kits In BS-VI Vehicles

Many vehicles are equipped with factory-installed CNG kits. When comparing aftermarket CNG kits to factory-fitted CNG kits, factory-fitted CNG kits are more safer. Find authorised CNG kit dealers if you have a petrol automobile and wish to install a CNG kit from the outside. Obtain a CNG cylinder test certificate from the dealers as well.

2. Use The Right Spark Plug

CNG Cars Safety And Maintenance Tips

When compared to a standard gasoline vehicle, a CNG vehicle requires a different spark plug. Make sure you’re using a CNG-compatible spark plug after installing the CNG kit from the dealer or changing the spark plugs during routine maintenance. If you can’t find one, simply reduce the distance between the spark source and the spark plug’s metal tip. However, this should only be done in extreme circumstances and should not be done on a regular basis.

3. Do Turn Off Your Car While Refuelling

Always turn off your automobile when refuelling with CNG or gasoline. A minor spark can cause the CNG to ignite, resulting in a huge accident. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you turn off your vehicle when refuelling it.

4. Always Start Your Car On Petrol

When starting a CNG vehicle, ensure sure it is in the gasoline mode. Allow the engine to warm up to its ideal operating temperature before switching to CNG mode. It will offer adequate lubrication for CNG fuel while also extending the engine’s life.

5. Regular servicing Is The Key

CNG Cars Safety And Maintenance Tips

All cars, especially CNG cars, must be maintained on time. Servicing the components on a regular basis might help to keep them in good operating order. Change whatever is required as soon as possible. Always make an effort to keep the car’s electrics in good working order. Maintain a clean air filter and throttle body. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your car.

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